Friday, March 1, 2013

Some fabrics actually make me drool!

Sorry, that's kind of gross. Actually I don't really drool. Just touching some fabrics make me dream of magical pincushions all shimmering with beads and dripping with lovely stitches.
Here are some beautiful silks in dupioni and velvet.

I am getting ready to start a project for Susan, one of my collectors. She asked for a really special tomato. After some chatting and some tossing around of some ideas, the tomato turned into a pear. Her only request is that it have something sparkly on it. I had recently ordered some Dupioni Silk from Chad Quilt. She sent a luscious fuschia-magenta, lemon yellow-lime and a gorgeous mauve pink shrimp iridescent in a previous order. I also received some lovely silk velvet from Nuno Felting Supplies. I was transformed!
Check out this silk sampler kit-
(Note, she is currently out of stock but promises to let me know when she has these lovely silks back in stock).

Well, one thing lead to another and now well, I am addicted to silk. There, I said it. Is there a support group for this? Since I was hooked, I just had to order some greens and golds for this project. Nancy, the shop owner of Chad Quilt is a joy to work with and she rushed my next 2 orders through so quickly!

The picture on the top show silks from 3 shops but most are from Chad Quilt.
I have an idea to set up a new section on my blog called eye candy and other temptations. I promise to share some more of my favorite goodies there soon. Who wants to be alone in their addiction. Shopping together is so much for fun, don't cha think?
I tried to photograph the lovely sheen and subtle color changes in the silk images on the right. I can just imagine them on a dimensional project such as a pear or apple. The shifts in color as you hold and move the pear should be mesmerizing. Oh how I love a beautiful fabric!

Please, do yourself a joyful favor and do a little window shopping today.
The pretty crystals you see are from another Etsy Seller, (because Etsy Sellers are amazing). Coco Zhong Crystal Gallery. She provided the sparkle for my project.

Here are some of the other colors you'll find at Chad Quilt-

She so kindly included a sample of the silk cord in my order. I can't wait to order some. Its so smooth and the sheen is beautiful These pinks remind me of cotton candy. Yum!

While you are at it, here are 2 other silk fabric shops I ordered from. Both shipped so fast and I loved my orders! Their attention to my satisfaction was outstanding.

Nicole's shop, SilkFabric is filled with lovely silk velvets, leathers, brocades, oh my! Here are 2 items on my wish list.

The first is an incredible embossed leather, yes real leather in Aqua. The brocade is so rich. She was also very kind to send me some samples in my order which helped me to choose even more from her shop. I will definitely be back!

The next shop I would love you to visit is The Whimsical Peacock
This shop has something really special. She carries printed images on silk. I am dreaming of my next crazy quilt square as I type. Can you just imagine how you can use these in a quilt, fabric collage, greeting card....?! Here are 2 images I just can't wait to play with-

I would pair the Mucha with the silks and I can just see that adorable vintage nursery print with my 1930's print reproduction stash. I am going to have a ball!

If you haven't ordered from an Etsy shop, I would love to encourage you to give it a try. Its an experience that will spoil you from shopping at the local craft store. The wide variety of fabrics, trims, and other lovely items in the supply, vintage and handmade sections are to die for. You'll feel like a kid in a candy shop! I love that I can contact the seller prior to my purchase and I almost always get an immediate reply. You can requests swatches, half yards and even a personal collection from many shops. Your items will come fast and affordably. I am one of those loyal customers. Once I order from a shop, if I like the service, I will be back even if the prices are higher. There is nothing like feeling important to a shop. Etsy is a unique marketplace and their shops are top notch. You can also be proud that you are shopping handmade. Your item will always be touched by the maker. I'll order from an artist over a big box any day of the week. It just feels good.

I'll be posting the completed pear I'm making for Susan soon. I have another involved order to get done before hers but I'll try to do a little multi-tasking so I can get both orders out soon. Check back in a week and I hope to have it finished!


Createology said...

Jill thank you for all of these wonderful links. I got lost for an hour just window shopping. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Fiberluscious said...

That is certainly easy to do with these shops! Now I just need some time to play with all my goodies!

Three Sheep Studio said...

This was a great post.
Eye candy - truly amazing and gorgeous textiles !
Thanks for showcasing some wonderful shops.