Sunday, March 31, 2013

My March CQJP13

I decided to do something homey and simple this month. I am currently working on a number of needle books. Most are wool. All involve lots of embroidery. Needle books are great little places to put something pretty.

I first pieced a number pretty fabric scraps on a muslin foundation. I picked red, white and black prints. I just love how they feel so summery and warm. I dedicated this particular needle book to my Aunt Martha. I remember family picnics as a child. She was always ready with a pinch of my cheek and a big bowl of potato salad. What fun!

Well, after piecing my cotton fabrics, I added some crochet trims, vintage buttons and lots of stitches along the seams. I closed this book with a simple snap. I wanted to make it a simple and durable closure.

Inside you will find 2 pockets. One is lined. Between the layers of fabric I added wool batting, so the pocket also acts as a pincushion in a pinch. In the other pocket I put another pincushion. This one was made with a yo-yo shape and a fabric center, stuffed with more batting.

I love how it turned out. I hope to have something with my silks next month. There are just so many possibilities!


margaret said...

a delightful needle book and the additions of a pin cushion very useful

Kate said...

They are delightful!

Createology said...

Fun and functional. Creative Bliss...