Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scrappy Little Nest Maker

I've seen this idea in a number of bird magazines and on a few "green" PBS shows. Now that spring has arrived (on the calender at least) I decided to give one a try. Most of what I have seen at the local garden center involved some icky plasticy bags with little holes. I had envisioned something more natural with a lot bigger holes, so the little birds could see what I had to offer. Since I never throw anything away...well I had lots to give my little feathered friends.

I used a large crochet hook and some cotton twine. It took me all of 15 minutes to stitch it up. It was fun finding scraps of wool roving, cotton thread and floss and cotton fabric scraps. I love how it looks. I hope the birds use these bright little tidbits to do some serious nesting.

Here are the basic instructions. The beauty of this project is that is sure doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to hold stuff. So, if you want to add some fancier stitches, or if you are looking for a sweet project to do with a novice crocheter, try this. It is sure to brighten up your life and the offer some warm, soft lining for a nest full of new chicks.

Tools and Materials
You will need a scissors, cotton twine, a size 10 or N large crochet hook, a large eyed yarn needle and bits and pieces of cotton or wool batting, yarn, fabric scraps, embroidery thread or twine.

Row 1
Chain 4 and join to form a loop.

Row 2-
Chain 2. Then single crochet in the loop 15 times.
Join at the top of chain 2.

Row 3-
Chain 3.
Double crochet into each of the single crochet stitches from the last row. Join at the top of the chain 2 at the beginning of the row.

Row 4-5
Chain 3.
Double crochet into each of the double crochet stitches from Row 3. Join at the top of the chain 3 at the beginning of the row.

Row 6
Chain 2
Single crochet into each of the double crochet stitches from Row 5. Join at the top of the chain 2 at the beginning of the row.

Long cord
Chain 30 or to the desired length of the cord you will need to tie your nest making ball to a branch. When finished, tie off and cut leaving 2 inches of plain twine.
Thread the twine at the end of the cord onto a yarn needle.

Last step
Thread the cord through the top loops of each of the last single crochet row. Pull gently and leave a large enough opening to stuff.

Stuff your ball with thin cotton fabric ripped into pieces about 4 inches long by 1/4" wide. Add wool or cotton yarn scraps, cotton batting, cotton cord, thread or twine each about 4 inches long.
Pull bits of a bit so the bird can see whats inside and pull them out easily.

Tie onto a branch of a tree.

Do a little birdwatching and see what develops in your local bird nesting spots.


Three Sheep Studio said...

I love this idea.
I hang my wool strips and pieces of yarn from small tree and bush limbs. The birds are always fun to watch as they wrestle with the fibers and take flight.

margaret said...

what a great idea, made a note of instructions, the blackbirds started singing again on saturday, they must think spring is on the way allthough there is still quite a bit of snow still about from 10 days ago.

Kate said...

Clever idea - thank you for sharing. I've had no luck before with birds taking my thread offerings but perhaps your design might change their minds this year.

Unknown said...

What a cute idea. I'm going to try this tonight when I get home from work.