Monday, August 9, 2021

New Quilting Clip Pouches, Zippered Bags and Needle books!

I just love a challenge. For some time I have been itching to try something new. One day I looked around and noticed that I have acquired an over abundance of fabrics. I love my pincushoins but they really don't require any real yardage. So I decided to try some zippered bags. When looking at other Etsy shops, I saw some really amazing pouches, so I knew that if I decided to add them to my shop, they had better be good and I needed my own personal Fiberluscious touch to make them fun and as always functional. So, I started with my Tula Pink Fabrics. Her large imagery just seems to tickle me. So I started with her Homemade collection. This pouch has a mini pincushion to use when traveling!
Then I saw this amazing Freda Kahlo fabric from the Viva Mexico Line. It's so fun and I love the colors! That line have some awesome companion prints which in turn, inspired a new needle book!
I found that quilting clips work so great when sewing long seams and adding zippers. I know, I know, I am the pincushion queen. But, those clips are really fun and easy to use for certain projects! I kept them in a hard plastic bowl. I often work late at night and fishing for clips sounded like noisy maracas! So I decided to create a small pouch and give it little side pockets so the clips were easy to grab. That inspired my cute, boxy zippered pouch for clips. They are so fun and a bit addictive to make!
Both bags can be purchased with or without a companion piece. The large zippered bags can be purchased with either a mini pincushion or a small needle book. I loved the pincushion but after some reflection, I wondered if a needle book might keep pins and needles a bit safer when traveling. All future large zippered bags now come with the needle book. If you want a mini pincushion, just ask!
The large zippered bags are approximately 10 inches wide and 9-10 inches deep. I put in a 3 inch gusset so your bag will stand up on its own when needed. Each bag is quilted and lined. I use a layer of cotton batting in between the layers so your electronics can travel safely. I hand stitch the lining closed. I use YKK zippers. Each zipper has a fun set of little charms. A simple lobster clasp makes the charms easy to remove. That enables you to wash your bag or pouch as needed. I recommend a surface or hand wash for little bits of dirt, but your bag can be thrown into a washing machine and dryer without fear of shrinkage. I prewash all my fabrics!
The little boxy clip containers are also quilted and lined and contain a fleece batting. They hold their shape so well. I added pockets into the sides. They makes it easy to put your clips right at hand instead of digging inside for each clip. They are approximately 5 inches long and 3 inches high and wide. They hold up to 150 clips without a problem! They come with or without a set of 7 clips, 2 large and 5 small. They are color coordinated and fun to use! This bag also comes with some fun charms and is washable but must be hand dried to help it keep its shape.
I must give a nod to the very talented and generous Anna Graham for sharing her wonderful tutorial on her blog, Noodlehead. Her "Open wide" zippered pouch inspired the design of my large pouches. The way the zipper is put in allows for easy access to the contents of your bag. I've adjusted the size and lined and quilted my fabrics. I added a handle and the cute clasps, but it's her genious that inspired me enough to give bag making a try. Check out her shop and tutorials at Be sure to grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up. You might be there for a while! Just look at how much stuff fits in these bags!
Its hard for me to keep them in stock but right now I have 5 bags in my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious. The large bags are $20 for the pouch alone or just $25 for the pouch and needle book. The cute boxy clip containter is $18 for the bag and $20 for the bag and clips together! If you don't see the bag you want in my shop, just ask! I'd be happy to make one for you in the fabric and style you like! I hope you stop by and check them out. I have modern prints, bright motifs, tradional designs ... something for everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, following my Pinterest boards and for everyone who has supported my shop. I often think that I have the best job on the planet, outside of being a grandma to some amazing grand kids! I'll try not to be a stranger. I still haven't shared my new carded pin collections with you! Bye of rnow! Jill