Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to Fiberluscious!

Hello all of my Sew Old Sew New friends and followers! I have found that I am too spread around these days! As of January 1st. I will be no longer posting on So Old So New. I hope you all join me here.
Fiberluscious is my shop name on Etsy. This year my name has changed, (married Verbick to O'Leary) and my shop name has changed, (Verbick to Fiberluscious). I had it all together- then I began my Facebook pages. Yikes! My identities, updates and posts doubled! I think its time to consolidate. I want to give you the best I have to offer in new and fun fiber designs. I want my blog to be easy to find and fun to read. Facebook will also become Fiberluscious. My website will also change. I'll let you know when this blog is up to snuff and ready for company. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Sew Old Sew New. See you soon! Jill