Design Made Easy

Design Made Easy

I spend a lot of time designing. So many of my projects involve equal thinking and doing time. Sometimes projects sit in my creative workspace in my brain for a very long time. I can just about picture what I want to do and where I want to go with it most of the time. But sometimes, the final images just don't come and my project remains on hold. This is especially true for my apple pincushions. The embroidery design can make or break an apple. I have many empty shells and some partially embroidered with very poor designs. My last failed design inspired me to create a design tool for this very problem.

I created a muslin blank! So easy and so effective. Wish I would have done it ages ago. Here is how it works.
You will need pins, a pattern, scissors, muslin, fiberfill and a sewing machine, (or sew by hand if you are so inclined).

Next, pin your pattern onto muslin and cut out.

Sew all of your seams together. Turn right side out and stuff.
Gather the top and bottom openings and sew closed.

Once finished, I draw my design directly onto the muslin using a water erasable marker. How easy!

When I am finished I simply use water to erase my embroidery design and let it dry.

Once it's dry, its ready for a new design. Here are some more of my apple designs...


jojo said...

superbe bravo biz

Anonymous said...

merci pour cet tuto
j'adore, c'est une belle réalisation a faire avec les enfants

Josette Guerin said...

c est trop beau j adore ce que vous faites biz

Debbie said...

I love making pin cushions, I have got to try this! Thank you for the inspirations!

Sue Pilutti said...

Love the red apple .... what is the stem made of??

Sue Pilutti said...

Love the red apple .... what is the stem made of?

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely idea.