Thursday, June 27, 2019

My Etsy Sale is extended to July 4th!

My June sale is extended till July 4th! I just added this adorable double-sided pincushion in all its red, white and blue glory and I wanted it to be included.
I also just listed a lovely Antique Churn Dash Quilt Top. Both antique quilt tops I have listed are so beautiful! I am donating the total sale of these quilt tops to the St.Mathias Homeless Quilt Ministry.

Just take a look at the antique works of art. My photos just don't do them justice. Pop on over to my Etsy shop Fiberluscious and see all the pictures I took.

The Feed Sack Quilt Top is so amazing. It is in tip top condition. I could not find a stain or a loose seam anywhere. It is estimated to be over 70 Years Old!

The Churn Dash top is Hand Pieced! Can you believe that! All 267 blocks are joined to a lovely bubblegum pink square. It is amazing.

I have so many pretty pincushions in my shop right now and they are all 15% off.

I am afraid that some may say my pincushions are a bit more expensive than some. I humbly feel that my pincushions are a cut above the rest. The best feature is the emery core. It gives each pincushion a nice weight, yet they are still lofty and soft. The emery sharpens your pins and needles gently. Because they are also filled iwth polyester fiberfill, the zinc coating on your sharps won't become worn down. The double layer of top fabric, (on many styles) and the soft poly fiberfill hold your pins for every day use. The emery gives them just enough gentle abrasion to sharpen the tips when you push your pins down into the core.

The fabrics are all pre-washed and quilt shop quality. I want you to love your pincushion and feel the love and craftsmanship I put into each and every one of them. I make lots of pincushions, but only the best make it into my shop. Just take a look at my reviews. I think you will find that you will be happy with one of my creations.

I have been on a fabric buying spree. I have so many new additions to my stash, I am in heaven!
The Star Pincushion on the top of this page has another side. Yes, it is double sided and ready to work. The second side is a fun pin wheel block.

So whether you are feeling a bit patriotic or just want to have fun, use either side and get sewing!

I have another new pincushion in my Etsy shop call Bee-Utiful. This one was insprired by a Moda fabric line call Bee Happy! How cute is that!

Now what will I do with some of these other fabrics!

My grand daughters are always thinking up challenges.
What are you making with your new fabrics? I know you have them!

Send me photos of or links to your projects! I'd love to see them!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Double the Fun- Double-Sided Pincushions!

What is more fun than one pincushion? How about 2 pincushions in one!

I really love the pincushions I make. I tend to think they are very special and just a touch better than the rest. I take craftsmanship seriously. I want my pincushions to go out into the world proud and happy. I want to spread the joy I feel when I create something no one else has tried.

The pincushion above, called Monkey Flowers, was a super fun challenge. Nearly every tip is nice and pointy (just abot), every seam lines up with the next, (almost all). Best yet. this pincushion just screams spring and summer! So many lovely bright colors are sprinkled across this fun double-sided sewing too. Like all my pincushion, I add a core of emery to make your pincushion feel substantial and extra functional. The emery sharpens your pins and needles just a bit when you use it. Modern pins and needles are zinc coated. A full emery core would wear your little sharps right down to nothing. How helpful would that be?

I began to add an alternate side to my pincushions this year. I want you to have options. Choices are always lovely. If you can't decide on one, no problem, both sides come along for the ride!

This pincushion is from my Here Kitty Kitty Collection. It features a fun little fuzzy cat on a patterned background. I used a lovely Londonderry Linen thread from Crafty Wool Felt on Etsy. It has a earthy, natural feel, with the strength I need for stitching. It make the back groud subtle and special. You just have to check out her shop. Her felted flowers and strawberries are soooo oute!

There is something about the modern quilt aesthetic. I love the fresh colors and bold patchwork. It makes me want to create a full quilt. In the meantime, I'm happy to make some pincushions in the double sided style. My Modern Quilt Pincushion has lovely hand quilting in a variegated perle cotton.

I love my Love Notes double sided pincushion. They bring a little cheer where ever they go.

If you are looking for a fun project or just want to pick up a new pincushion from my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious, I hope you give a double sided pincushion a try!