Tuesday, August 30, 2022

New Baskets, Just in time for my Labor Day Sale!

Tula Pink, "Tiny Beasts" Scrap Fabric Basket. I love a good sale and I love something new to show you! You can find all kinds of things on Etsy this Labor Day, especially all the goodies for sewing in my shop- Fiberluscious! I just added these adorable fabric baskets for scraps, threads, flowers, pens and pencils or even.... scraps! I made one for myself last year and I finally got around to perfecting the design, so I could share this little cutie with you! Its 4 1/2 inches high with a 3 1/2 inches deep, (at the base) and 5 1/2 inches wide top opening. Fold the top over to store little things. This little basket is so versatile. Its made from quality quilting fabrics from a nunber of designers. Check out this bright little beauty in a bold modern print-
Here is a sweet woodland print called "A Meadow's Tale" by Anna Davis for Blend Fabrics. I just love the soft prints and the sweet little critters!
I can't forget the "Sew Wonderful" print by Moda with a cute lining by Lori Holt called Hush. Sew perfect for those who sew!
Everything is 15% off this week! Mention you saw these here and I'll throw in some quilting clips! Just visit my shop- Fiberluscious to see more! When you order from my shop I promise to get your order out Toot Sweet! I'll pack it up ready for gifting is a pretty tissue with a big tulle bow. My decorative pins are adorable. They come in pretty boxes. I have lots of styles available from Christmas to Halloween! I have pretty Flowers, Hearts, Jewelry Inspired gems and even The Birds and The Bees. I also have pretty Millefiori Pins. If you can't decide, just try The Full Assortment or maybe even a smaller assortment on a card in large or small sizes. I have lots of pretty pincushions. Need a box? I'll send one for free! Here is one of my most popular- The 1930's Tomato Pincushion. All my pincushions have an emery core, making them not only pretty but super functional. I even carry artsy yarn assortments for your own diy project.
Can't Wait to work with you! Jill