Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Apple Pincushions!

I just had to bring my apple pincushion back. I loved my old apples so much but the embroidery was just too hard on my hands. Working perle cotton on woven cotton on a 3-dimensional shape were the triple wammy. So I just put the pattern aside. I don't know why... they are just as sweet with fun fabrics. I hope you agree.

This one uses some of my favorite soft rose prints. I called this one Golden Delicious. Yummy!

I used my Kathy Davis "Scatter Joy" fabric for this apple. The print has so many fun elements I didn't need more than one piece. You can find butterflies and big bold blossoms. I embroidered the feather stitch while watching "Alice in Wonderland" so this one is my Lady Alice Apple.

As shown on the top of this post, I used some fun, bold rose prints in pink and white to create my Pink Lady Apple. I just love all puffy and fun these pincushions are. They all are weighted with emery so they won't tip over as easily. The main apple is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

I wanted to share some other new pincushions in my Etsy Shop.
Here is my round patchwork pincushion in a variety of modern prints.

I also found a lovely vintage set of napkins with pretty applique. There was an opening in the applique for silverware. I think it would be great for your seam ripper. So if you find a funky vintage item, keep your mind open and use that element!

Well, I am off to the sewing machine to try some new patterns. Have fun and happy sewing!