Sunday, September 2, 2018

New "Love Notes" When an email just won't do ....

I have a few series of pincushions called "Love Notes".

I enjoy designing so I took some time off from custom work this summer to enjoy my family, my new dog and to indulge in a little creative play. It has been wonderful! I have so many fabrics to play with. Check out my Fabric Choices page to see how much fabric I have here.....oh my, its heaven!

My new favorites are my "love note" pincushions. They are sweet and fun and would make such a lovely gift to a special sewer in your life.
The front side has a cute envelope shape. The colors and prints lend a special nod to each message. Want to say hi? Here is my "Cheery Hello" version in yellow and white. Touches of teal, and pearl white add a little sparkle.

They are double sides as well! I added a fun little 9 patch to the other side.

Of course, like all my pincushions, they have an emery core, surrounded by lots of polyester fiberill. They also come with my signature "Stick With Me" pins.
Both sides include a layer of cotton blend batting and are machine quilted. This gives them great pin grabbing ability. The extra layers also keep pins and needles from migrating into no man's land. Because my fabrics are pre-washed, they are soft as butter so you don't have to wrestle sharps into the surface.
I love my pincushions, I use them, and I think they are extra special, super functional and pretty sweet.

Here are some more versions of this series of "Love Notes".
This one is called All My Love"

I really love the colors in "Thinking of You".

I have another new design to show you. It was inspired by a red and white checkered picnic table cloth. So summer don't you think? I made this one in teal. I have been adding to my solid stash. I found some pretty textured solid fabrics too that really make me want to play.

Again, I added quilting to the other side. I think a double sided pincushion is versatile. When you get tired of one side, just flip it over for a bit. Both sides are quilted and include a layer of cotton blend batting.

When ever I buy a new fabric, I find it difficult to start cutting into it. So I throw them into an older design. I like to see how they play with my other fabrics. Its a fun little "no-brainer" way of diving into new fabrics.
Here are a few new versions of my Round Patchwork pincushion. It can be purchased in over 10 color and design options.

Well, check out my Etsy shop to see what else I've been working on. I also have lots of ideas waiting for some time to play.
I have a tutorial in the works for a cute clothes pin holder that looks much like the one my grandma used. Its simple and fun to make. I think they would make great gifts for a house warming, new bride or for yourself!

I hope to have some photos of two adorable dolls I made for my grand kids. I hope they will love them.

See you soon!