Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Make it a Great Holiday!

Hello All! I can't believe its nearly Christmas time again! Gosh this year went quickly! Before I share my newest Etsy shop ideas with you, I just want to say "Thank you!". I'm just so grateful for our amazing sewing and quilting community. I am so appreciative to those who stop by just to check if I'm still here, yes I am. I'm incredibly blessed by everyone who stops by my Etsy shop and supports my little business. I've met so many new people this last year. I've collaborated on some fun projects and new ideas. I've been uplifted and humbled by your amazingly, glowing reviews. You have no idea how they make my day! I'm constantly inspired by the many YouTube videos that helped teach me a few new tricks. I'm in awe of the talent and creativity of my fellow aritisans on Etsy, YouTube, Pinterest and in the blogisphere. You keep me fresh, give me ideas, help me feel connected to something really amazing. Who new a little fiber could bound so many of us together. I wish you all so much joy and creative energy this holiday season and well...always! You are my gift!
My second reason for connecting with you today is to encourage and urge you all to create gifts for those in your world. Since my mom ooohed and ahhhed whenever I gave her a gift from my hands, I have made many gifts each and every year, yes, even as a grown up. I think there is no better present than one from the heart. Don't worry if you don't think it is perfect, it is. Don't fret that it isn't trending, who cares. Don't think it has to be grand to be appreciated. If it comes from you, it's like no other gift in the world. Go make something amazing! Here are just a few favorites of mine, (to receive and give) * A book of recipes, hand written makes it heirloom worthy * A sewing kit in a jar. Add some thread, buttons, a litle scissors, a seam ripper. Perfect for anyone heading out on their own in the world. * A coupon book for dog walking, home baked cookies, a shoulder to cry on, a hug when most needed. * Warm hand knit socks, a crocheted scarf, embellished store bought mittens...especially when you live in the midwest! * A photo of you and the gift recipient in any kind of frame. Now that we have spent so much time apart... we need to see eachother anytime we want. * A note reminding them of why you feel in love, why you admire, the best thing about them in your eyes...gifts that only you can give. I could go on... what can you add?
Ok, enough of my drippy sentiments. This is the time of the year when I'm over flowing with mushiness. Its why I love the holidays so much! I just added some fun Earrings to my shop. Material girls such as ourselves can always use a little bling. How about a set of earrings with thimbles? embroidery scissors, modern quilt and patchwork inspired beads or even little bitty sewing machines in a variety of colors. How fun are these?.... Order them on a card or in a box. Most are $10 and under!
I have so much to say but my computer time is done for the day. There is just never enough time. I hope you all enjoy the season as much as I. Don't stress out, keep it simple. Its all wonderful! Jill