Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Clearly Cute!!!

I love my pin assortments in my Fiberluscious Shop.
Its hard to pick a favorite, flowers? holiday? hearts? I love them all!

As adorable as they are, they can't travel alone. They have always been safe and sweet in a pretty glossy white gift box with a big, organdy ribbon bow.
I sent them along in a felt ball that was either embroidered or beaded. so they would have a nice trip to their new home.

Then I saw these adorable felt flowers on Etsy. Claudia sells them in her shop, Crafty Wool Felt

They were going to be perfect, but they needed a new box. I can fit pins in a glossy box with the flower, but I wanted this to be a great gift for someone who sews. I found my answer when buying my shipping supplies.

A Cute Little Clear box!
Its 2 inches square and 2 inches high. When the pins sit on top of the flower they just pop up for everyone to see!

There are so many pins to choose from. My Deluxe Assortments include, Halloween, Holiday, Hearts and Flowers, Jewelry Inspired Pins and the fun Birds and Bees sets. They come with pretty felt stars, embroidered or beaded felt balls or a sweet felt heart. I love them all!

My standard assortments are anything but standard! Like everything in my shop, I focus on quality, craftsmanship and cuteness!
Choose from these $15 assortments- Flowers, Millefiori or a full assortment including a bit of everything.

Here is a little overview of how to order. Then just stop by my shop and choose the pins you want to have!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you can pop over to my shop. I have lots of new pincushions to show you. Pick out something great for yourself or for someone you love!
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Cats and Dogs!

Meet Bella and Coco...

I found this sweet fabric on Etsy in Jean Maries Fabrics. It's called "Floral" Pets designed by Mia Charro for Blend Fabrics.
Sometimes you just sit back and let the fabric do the heavy lifting. With these adorable prints, all I had to do was to add a bit of patchwork, add a few hundred tiny seed beads and the rest was magic!

This is Molly-

I did have to name them. After a few hours of adding beads, I kind of grew fond of each and everyone of them.

This cute kitties are Lucy and Sophie.

The last puppy to meet is Ema. She seems to be your every dog. Her smile is just so loving. Just like every dog I've ever loved.

Like all my pincushions, they all have an emery core. Each pincushion is half of a pound! Emery sharpens and cleans your pins. I only add a core, enclosed in muslin. They keeps the emery from wearing down the outer fabric because its wrapped in lots of fluffy polyester fiberfill. I love how squishy and firm they feel. I really take care to create lasting pieces of art because I know they you may only have one in your studio and you want it to be special. Because these guys will be shipped, I baffle the emery core so it doesn't get all shaken to one end while its flying around the country. I want you to love your creation!

Each pincushion comes with 2 coordinating flower topped pins. They match each print and they give their cute hats a great dimensional look! I also think they make great gifts. One of these gals would be a perfect gift for a new sewer or for someone who adores their own cat or dog. I was sad they didn't come in a Whippet print! Maybe some day I'll have to make my own.

Some of the collars are adorned with silk ribbon and some are beaded. I added charms to match and "Lucy" has crystal studded glasses! It was just so much fun adding the beads, charms and crystals.

Each print is framed with 2 fabrics. I wanted to leave enough room around each face, just in case you felt uneasy sticking a pin and in puppies nose. I know I might!

I think they only thing that could make it more special is if it looked like your puppy or cat! Let me know if it does and I will embroider their name on yours at no extra charge!

I hope you love this pincushion series as much as I do. Take one home. Don't forget to watch for upcoming sales. In the meantime, I'll give you a special bloggers coupon code, FiberBlog10. Use it for these or any other item in my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious. Once you purchase an item from my shop, you will get a forever coupon code, so you'll never pay full price in my shop again! I love my peoples!

Enjoy and I hope to see you again soon.