Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A Tiskit a Tasket I have new Baskets!

I love a good scrap basket. This is another Lori Holt Vintage Happy 2 basket with a new lining. The 1st one I made was so nice, I made it twice.
Here is another basket in a vintage inspired print by Cathe Holden for Moda. I LOVE IT!!! The whole "Vintage Soul" collection is adorable. I used it inside and out. This basket is in a print called crochet sampler. Watch my shop for lots of fun new items using these prints.

Scrap Basket by Fiberluscious in Vintage Soul Crochet Sampler print

Scrap Basket by Fiberluscious in Vintage Soul Crochet Sampler print

Vintage Soul Scrap Basket

I have a modern basket in a fabric by Giucy Giuce called Sleuth. Its a cheater print, (gosh I hate that term!). Its by Andover fabrics. This part of the print is an ombre print. I used the blues section. It also includes a bit of dark teal and a lovely muted purple. 



This next scrap basket is in Vintage Soul, in Rainbow Floral. It looks just like a patchwork of bark cloth. I love it!!! I did some straight line quilting along each section of the print. There are more colors in this print, but I was drawn to these luscious reds, pinks and oranges. 
I have lots more baskets in my Etsy Shop here. I hope you stop by and take a look.  
It has been snowing a lot here in Wisconsin. Last week we got 12 inches in one day. Then it just kept going and going every day. Did I mention it was also near or below zero the rest of the week? I have been outdoors for too many hours. I hate it when snow keeps me from making new items. But, I love snow too. Today it was raining and snowing and warm, (well, 39 degrees), Now everything is melting and water is just piling up everywhere. Gotta love winter here in the Midwest!
When I get back to my studio, I will be sharing lots of new items, I hope! I have more prints from the Vintage Soul Collection. I got mine from SFabricsandDesigns on Etsy. 
I promise to share my favorite shops with you soon. I have so many!

Well, I hope this winter has you sewing up a storm. The fun kind of storm that is!
Happy Creating!