Tuesday, August 30, 2022

New Baskets, Just in time for my Labor Day Sale!

Tula Pink, "Tiny Beasts" Scrap Fabric Basket. I love a good sale and I love something new to show you! You can find all kinds of things on Etsy this Labor Day, especially all the goodies for sewing in my shop- Fiberluscious! I just added these adorable fabric baskets for scraps, threads, flowers, pens and pencils or even.... scraps! I made one for myself last year and I finally got around to perfecting the design, so I could share this little cutie with you! Its 4 1/2 inches high with a 3 1/2 inches deep, (at the base) and 5 1/2 inches wide top opening. Fold the top over to store little things. This little basket is so versatile. Its made from quality quilting fabrics from a nunber of designers. Check out this bright little beauty in a bold modern print-
Here is a sweet woodland print called "A Meadow's Tale" by Anna Davis for Blend Fabrics. I just love the soft prints and the sweet little critters!
I can't forget the "Sew Wonderful" print by Moda with a cute lining by Lori Holt called Hush. Sew perfect for those who sew!
Everything is 15% off this week! Mention you saw these here and I'll throw in some quilting clips! Just visit my shop- Fiberluscious to see more! When you order from my shop I promise to get your order out Toot Sweet! I'll pack it up ready for gifting is a pretty tissue with a big tulle bow. My decorative pins are adorable. They come in pretty boxes. I have lots of styles available from Christmas to Halloween! I have pretty Flowers, Hearts, Jewelry Inspired gems and even The Birds and The Bees. I also have pretty Millefiori Pins. If you can't decide, just try The Full Assortment or maybe even a smaller assortment on a card in large or small sizes. I have lots of pretty pincushions. Need a box? I'll send one for free! Here is one of my most popular- The 1930's Tomato Pincushion. All my pincushions have an emery core, making them not only pretty but super functional. I even carry artsy yarn assortments for your own diy project.
Can't Wait to work with you! Jill

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Good Things come in small packages...

If you have ever ordered a pincushion from my Fiberluscious shop, you know, I rarely do anything small. My pincushions are normally fat and sassy and ready to hold lots of pins. But, lately, I've been thinking small. I wanted to make a pincushion that less than $20 and use some of my favorite fabrics without all the bigness of my usual patterns. I started with some 1" strips and began to play. I had fun and these little wonders are really some of my favorites. They have my signature emery core. They also come with a pair of coordinating decorative pins. Each pincushion is less than 4 inches high. The largest is 3 1/4 by 5 7/8. Take a look and if you think you want to take one home with you, pop over to my shop. Use the coupon code, FiberBlog10 and get 10% off. Once you order I'll give you another coupon code that never expires and can be used over and over again! I told you I rarely do anything small. The pincushion above is a Mini Wonder. Its 3 1/4" square. I used Wonder by Carrie Bloomston and a sweet banner print called "Go Fish" for Blend Fabrics. You have to just love this rainbow of fun colors. This same style comes in Eat Your Veggies green by the same name of this fun triangle print called "Eat Your Veggies", from Blend. I used some pretty green solids as well. I really love Blend fabrics. They have nice weight and have a lovely hand.
My favorite is my Blue Bird using Tilda's GardenLife collection. Tilda's fabrics just make me happy. This pincushion features a lovely blue bird on one side and a yellow butterfly on the bottom. Both sides are quilted and either side can be used as the top. So when you need a change, just turn it over! Its 3 1/4" by 5 7/8" long. It also has an emery core and comes with 2 pretty pins.
Last but not least is a pincushion I called Sunny Side Up Ombre. I used Tula Pink's "True Colors" and a variety of solids that range from sunny yellow to bright orange and finally deep fuschia pink. It just makes me smile. Its 4 1/2 by 3 1/2".
Hope you try working small too once in a while. But never forget to think BIG! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spring is Here!!!

Well, its here on the calendar. Here in the Midwest, well its more of an idea that comes and goes. But my heart is happy because my spring bulbs are peaking out and doing well. It won't be long now, even if they have to poke through a late snowfall. Spring makes me feel hopeful and getting out for some nice long walks does my soul some good. I just had to celebrate the beginning of this awesome season by making some new pin assortments. I have both a full 10 pin assortment and a small, 6 pin carded set of pretty flower pins. They are my favorite. I mixed in some pretty glass leaves and in the big assortment I added a butterfly. I hope they make you happy too.
I have lots of new things to share with you.
This is my new pincushion. I call it Dog Love. I used up all my kitty fabric and I needed to pay some homage to my pup, Jordy. The fabric is from Spoonflower. I love that anyone can design fabric and have it printed. Someday I'd like to try that out. In the meantime, you can find them here on Etsy or on their website. There are so many talented designers, just folks like you and I. You can choose from many different kinds of fabrics. This is their cotton. It has a tight weave and the printing quality is so good. I have some more new pincushoins to share with you. I call this one, "Sew Much Fun".
I founds so many pretty sew themed prints that I love. I've been busy working on them. I think they would make great Mother's Day gifts for a sewing mom. The prints are from a few different lines. The pin print is called "Make Time" by Aneela Hoey for Moda. It somes in a variety of pretty colors. The adorable scissors is part of a cute print from from "Sew Wonderful" by Paper and Cloth for Moda. The pink fabric frame is by Tula Pink for Riley Blake. Here are a few pincushions in Make Time. I call these "Pin Love". They come in Blue and White, Blue in 2 shades and an orange/red version in 2 shades.
The last one "Stitch Love". has some pretty low volume prints by Lori Holt called "Hush" and Sew Wonderful, "Stitch in Time". I've never made a white pincushion before. I just love how fresh and bright it feels.
If you work in fiber, knit, crochet, make tassels or fiber jewelry, weave or scrapbook, Here is my Spring Fever yarn assortment. This one has so many different bright colors and great textures!
Well, I've been busy. I hope you all are having fun sewing too. Stop by my shop and perhaps you will find something you like. Use this coupon code, FiberMom10 and get 10% off for yourself or your mom. I will throw in a free gift box if needed. Every order is wrapped like a gift because we all need a little spoiling sometimes! Once you order from my shop, I'll send you a coupon code that lasts forever! Happy Spring!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Make it a Great Holiday!

Hello All! I can't believe its nearly Christmas time again! Gosh this year went quickly! Before I share my newest Etsy shop ideas with you, I just want to say "Thank you!". I'm just so grateful for our amazing sewing and quilting community. I am so appreciative to those who stop by just to check if I'm still here, yes I am. I'm incredibly blessed by everyone who stops by my Etsy shop and supports my little business. I've met so many new people this last year. I've collaborated on some fun projects and new ideas. I've been uplifted and humbled by your amazingly, glowing reviews. You have no idea how they make my day! I'm constantly inspired by the many YouTube videos that helped teach me a few new tricks. I'm in awe of the talent and creativity of my fellow aritisans on Etsy, YouTube, Pinterest and in the blogisphere. You keep me fresh, give me ideas, help me feel connected to something really amazing. Who new a little fiber could bound so many of us together. I wish you all so much joy and creative energy this holiday season and well...always! You are my gift!
My second reason for connecting with you today is to encourage and urge you all to create gifts for those in your world. Since my mom ooohed and ahhhed whenever I gave her a gift from my hands, I have made many gifts each and every year, yes, even as a grown up. I think there is no better present than one from the heart. Don't worry if you don't think it is perfect, it is. Don't fret that it isn't trending, who cares. Don't think it has to be grand to be appreciated. If it comes from you, it's like no other gift in the world. Go make something amazing! Here are just a few favorites of mine, (to receive and give) * A book of recipes, hand written makes it heirloom worthy * A sewing kit in a jar. Add some thread, buttons, a litle scissors, a seam ripper. Perfect for anyone heading out on their own in the world. * A coupon book for dog walking, home baked cookies, a shoulder to cry on, a hug when most needed. * Warm hand knit socks, a crocheted scarf, embellished store bought mittens...especially when you live in the midwest! * A photo of you and the gift recipient in any kind of frame. Now that we have spent so much time apart... we need to see eachother anytime we want. * A note reminding them of why you feel in love, why you admire, the best thing about them in your eyes...gifts that only you can give. I could go on... what can you add?
Ok, enough of my drippy sentiments. This is the time of the year when I'm over flowing with mushiness. Its why I love the holidays so much! I just added some fun Earrings to my shop. Material girls such as ourselves can always use a little bling. How about a set of earrings with thimbles? embroidery scissors, modern quilt and patchwork inspired beads or even little bitty sewing machines in a variety of colors. How fun are these?.... Order them on a card or in a box. Most are $10 and under!
I have so much to say but my computer time is done for the day. There is just never enough time. I hope you all enjoy the season as much as I. Don't stress out, keep it simple. Its all wonderful! Jill

Monday, August 9, 2021

New Quilting Clip Pouches, Zippered Bags and Needle books!

I just love a challenge. For some time I have been itching to try something new. One day I looked around and noticed that I have acquired an over abundance of fabrics. I love my pincushoins but they really don't require any real yardage. So I decided to try some zippered bags. When looking at other Etsy shops, I saw some really amazing pouches, so I knew that if I decided to add them to my shop, they had better be good and I needed my own personal Fiberluscious touch to make them fun and as always functional. So, I started with my Tula Pink Fabrics. Her large imagery just seems to tickle me. So I started with her Homemade collection. This pouch has a mini pincushion to use when traveling!
Then I saw this amazing Freda Kahlo fabric from the Viva Mexico Line. It's so fun and I love the colors! That line have some awesome companion prints which in turn, inspired a new needle book!
I found that quilting clips work so great when sewing long seams and adding zippers. I know, I know, I am the pincushion queen. But, those clips are really fun and easy to use for certain projects! I kept them in a hard plastic bowl. I often work late at night and fishing for clips sounded like noisy maracas! So I decided to create a small pouch and give it little side pockets so the clips were easy to grab. That inspired my cute, boxy zippered pouch for clips. They are so fun and a bit addictive to make!
Both bags can be purchased with or without a companion piece. The large zippered bags can be purchased with either a mini pincushion or a small needle book. I loved the pincushion but after some reflection, I wondered if a needle book might keep pins and needles a bit safer when traveling. All future large zippered bags now come with the needle book. If you want a mini pincushion, just ask!
The large zippered bags are approximately 10 inches wide and 9-10 inches deep. I put in a 3 inch gusset so your bag will stand up on its own when needed. Each bag is quilted and lined. I use a layer of cotton batting in between the layers so your electronics can travel safely. I hand stitch the lining closed. I use YKK zippers. Each zipper has a fun set of little charms. A simple lobster clasp makes the charms easy to remove. That enables you to wash your bag or pouch as needed. I recommend a surface or hand wash for little bits of dirt, but your bag can be thrown into a washing machine and dryer without fear of shrinkage. I prewash all my fabrics!
The little boxy clip containers are also quilted and lined and contain a fleece batting. They hold their shape so well. I added pockets into the sides. They makes it easy to put your clips right at hand instead of digging inside for each clip. They are approximately 5 inches long and 3 inches high and wide. They hold up to 150 clips without a problem! They come with or without a set of 7 clips, 2 large and 5 small. They are color coordinated and fun to use! This bag also comes with some fun charms and is washable but must be hand dried to help it keep its shape.
I must give a nod to the very talented and generous Anna Graham for sharing her wonderful tutorial on her blog, Noodlehead. Her "Open wide" zippered pouch inspired the design of my large pouches. The way the zipper is put in allows for easy access to the contents of your bag. I've adjusted the size and lined and quilted my fabrics. I added a handle and the cute clasps, but it's her genious that inspired me enough to give bag making a try. Check out her shop and tutorials at noodle-head.com. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up. You might be there for a while! Just look at how much stuff fits in these bags!
Its hard for me to keep them in stock but right now I have 5 bags in my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious. The large bags are $20 for the pouch alone or just $25 for the pouch and needle book. The cute boxy clip containter is $18 for the bag and $20 for the bag and clips together! If you don't see the bag you want in my shop, just ask! I'd be happy to make one for you in the fabric and style you like! I hope you stop by and check them out. I have modern prints, bright motifs, tradional designs ... something for everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, following my Pinterest boards and for everyone who has supported my shop. I often think that I have the best job on the planet, outside of being a grandma to some amazing grand kids! I'll try not to be a stranger. I still haven't shared my new carded pin collections with you! Bye of rnow! Jill