Sunday, July 30, 2017

Inspired by Fabric

I'm sure I am not alone if my fabric addiction. Who can walk through a fabric store and not fall in love with the colors and prints? A promise to stay on budget is swayed by the dreams of the fun projects you dream of? I know I am a sucker for a sale and my fabric budget seems to grow each month! I started my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious more to fuel my addiction than to make any money. I seem to fall into the red more often than not, and my fabric shelves over flowith with yards of fabric fun.

Above is one of my new designs. I found this adorable cat print at my local quilt shop. I just knew they were perfect for applique. Each kitty has its own personality and each one is inspiring a fun new pincushion. I've had a few cats in my life. Most have chosen me as I am more of a dog lover. I know that cats are so darn human and they all find their way into the hearts of many.

Here are my 1st two pincushions. Its so easy to see that even though the shape is the same, the fabrics are so very different.

I love the oval shape. Why does a pincushion need to be round? I love to hand applique. I bought a temporary glue baste with a tiny, long applicator and while it is nice to keep each layer in place, I didn't care for how it stiffens the fabric. I watched someone use it for the tiny edges but I think it takes away from the softness of hand applique, much like a fusible does. To make each layer of applique dimensional, I added a layer of batting to raise each level allowing for texture and functionality. You can purchase either design in my Etsy shop Fiberluscious.

Here are some of my newest fun fabric finds. I hope they inspire you as they inspire me. I hope your stash is filled with colorful wonders.

Don't forget your solids!

If you find yourself wanted to design a pincushion for someone special, like you, but you just don't have the time to sew. Drop me a line in my Etsy Shop Contsct link.
Give me your ideas, and I will put together some combinations you may like and off we go. Together we can design something just for you.

I hope you don't save your favorites- Use them! I have learned that hoarding leads to heartbreak down the way. You may want to use them in a future project and need a bit more. Once a fabric is out of print, it is gone. Play now! Enjoy! And as always Create!