Saturday, December 23, 2023

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

 I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I hope Santa brings you lots of love, the time to create all the beautiful things you dream of making and of course, unlimited joy! When I look at all the things I love in my life, I can't think of another thing I need. 

My family is growing and my grand children are so full of life and love, well, what else could I ask for? My hubby is supportive and rarely, if ever complains when I have creative explosions. He even overlooks my ever expanding fabric collection! I'm a lucky woman indeed.

My Etsy shop brings all kinds of wonderful people into my life from all around the world. I am grateful for their support of my small business. They expose me to new ideas and inspire me to create new things. I'm so grateful to those Etsy shops I depend on. I'll have to share the best of the best with you all. From gorgeous fabrics, beautiful beads and this year, most of my Christmas presents. Oh, I found some really fun things to give this year!

I am wishing you these amazing things and so much more. I hope this coming year brings you good friends, new adventures and lots of time to explore all thing things that feed your soul.

Thank you for all your support and I am grateful you stop by to see what is happening in my little corner of the world.

Have a warm and loving holiday and the happiest of New Years!


Thursday, November 30, 2023

New Counting Pins just in time for gift giving!

New Tiny Heart, Extra Fine Cross Stitch Counting Pins!  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love this time of the year! We go from grateful to giving and it all makes me super happy! Most every order ships out the same or next business day!

If you are looking for a small gift for someone who loves to cross stitch, I have just the thing. 

I have new Counting Pins for Cross Stitch to share with you. Like the little flowers and millefiori mix, these pins are extra fine. They won't leave holes in your embroidery fabric. They are color fast and adorable! Believe it or not, they are under $10 a set!

Above, I have the Tiny Heart Counting pins. They come in a 5 color assortment. The hearts are mother of pearl, dyed in 5 bright colors. I just love them!

Below, you will find little flowers in 2 assortment. One set has a mix of 5 colors. The mix may vary per set. You may also order a pastel assortment. These pins have glass heads. 

Tiny Flower Counting Pins Assortment for Cross Stitching.

Tiny Flower Counting Pins for Cross Stitching, Pastel Assortment.

I also have Millefiori and Mini Flower Counting Pin Assortments

If your special person loves to sew, I know they would love a new Pincushions or maybe even a Holiday Set of Decorative Pins. Check these out!

Holiday Pin Assortment


A Boxes Set of 10 or a Carded Assortment (5 or 6 per card) can be found here, in lots of assortments-

Christmas 10 Pin Assortment or 5 Holiday Pin Assortment

Millefiori 10 Pin Assortment

The Birds and the Bees 10 Pin Assortment

Jewelry Inspired with lots of crystals

Pretty Flower Assortments and a Spring Summer Flower Assortment. 

Hearts And Flowers Pins

Halloween Pins

And if you can't decide, I have a 10 Pin Full Assortment featuring lots of styles!


Full 10 Pin Assortment

 The 10 Pin Assortments are Ready to Gift in either gloss white or round clear gift boxes.

Here are my 4, 5 or 6 Pin Assortment, presented on a card.

Dog Love 5 Pin Assortment

6 Pin Spring Flower Assortment

6 Pin Sampler Mix

5 Tea Pot Pins

5 Polymer Clay Pins or 5 Having a Ball Pins.

4 Tea Pot Pin Assortment

Every order in my shop goes out in pretty gift tissue, ready to give! During December, each order is wrapped in festive holiday print tissue. A big tulle bow makes it all the more special. I just love giving presents. Even if you order for yourself, I'll wrap your order, so you feel special.

I have lots of Pincushions, Zippered Pouches, Scrap Fabric Baskets, Art Yarn Assortments and New Mug Rugs. I have a quick instant download Pattern for a Cute Strawberry Wool Ornament.

If you want something you no longer see available in my shop, I'd be happy to create one of my sold out items if I have the fabric. If not, we can create that item in a new fabric! I'll give you lots of choices.

I hope you decide to feed the creative spirits in your world. 

I hope you decide to make something special for someone you love! There simply is nothing more personal and heart felt than a home made gift.

If you need help, I have a fun post featuring Great Gifts For Sewers and Quilters from last year with lots of suggestions for creative gift giving. 

I hope to be back soon with new items for you to choose from.

Have a happy and super creative holiday!



Sunday, October 22, 2023

Have an Idea...Lets Make it Happen!

Sometimes we just get an idea of the perfect pincushion. Sometimes we see something but wish it were a different print, or color. Maybe we want it bigger or sometimes smaller. I am the same way. So, when it comes to creating something custom, I am always up for it!

Some of my best things come from collaboration. Michele and I have worked together before. She gets an idea and we get to work. Our latest joint effort is a long arm pincushion. It turned out so well, I plan on adding to my shop. She has a long arm and the pins are large. She wondered if we could design a pincushion to ride on her long arm, so the pins could be ready to go. Because the pins are bigger this pincushion is heavy duty. She knew exactly what she needed. I'm all about making things easier, so I was happy to help! 

She was great about sending me measurements and I shared some fabric choices with her. Together we came up with this super functional pincushion! Of course it had an emery core, because pincushions with emery are great for pins and have such a nice weight. This pincushion also has 2 removable straps made from double sided Velcro. She can move her pincushion anywhere on the arm, or slide the straps out and use it on a work surface. It was a super fun challenge and I hope to make many more! Oh, to have a long arm! 


Here is what she said when she got it... "It arrived! Wish you were here to see me open it...a big oooohhhh! It's so so pretty!! And it fits my machine perfectly, absolutely perfectly. I let out all the velcro and it's very snug around the machine so I know it won't be going anywhere. I put a few pins in so you could see but it will hold lots and lots. I couldn't be happier. You always go above and beyond...I couldn't have imagined such a thing. Thank you so very much Jill, it's always such a pleasure to collaborate with you. Here's a pic of my happy face and the happy machine."......... Awwwh! That makes me so happy! 


 This Pincushion is from Melody. She created a fun Halloween pincushion using the Haunted House pattern from the Etsy Shop BerryBirdie. Didn't she do a great job! She ordered my Halloween Pin Assortment and asked that I include pins to coordinate with her pincushion. It was my pleasure!

When she was finished her project, she shared this great photo with me. Don't you just love that scissors warning on her sewing machine?! I need one of those.

Sometimes I get a request to change fabrics, shapes or sizes. I don't mind a bit.






It all begins with an idea. Once we decide on the shape, size and colors, I send photos from my crazy, big fabric stash. We may come up with something the first time, or it may take a few more photos. Sometimes customers send me their fabrics of choice. I love a challenge. I really want my customers to be super happy with their project.

Sometimes it is just a matter of changing fabrics. I send a photo of fabric choices and off we go. Here is a pretty one I created with Michelle. It is normally done with 1930's fabrics. It is beautiful in this soft print called Rose and Violet's Garden by Riley Blake.


Sometimes people just send me photos of their projects of their own creations and I love that too. Often they need pins that coordinate. Tracey send me her cross stitch project in process. And a picture once it was finished. Isn't it lovely? She has been with me for many years. She made this for her sister-in-law. Suzanne has visited my shop to have special things made for Tracey. Its so much fun to work with them.

Karen sent me a photo of her amazing wool pincushion. She needed pins. Look at all that hand stitching! I thought it was so pretty I just had to add it to this post.

I want to thank my amazing customers for sharing their ideas and their work with me. I have been working with some people almost since the beginning of my Etsy journey. I wouldn't have a shop without them. I've met so many new people along the way. Everyone makes my job feel so much more than a business. I truly enjoy working with so many generous and talented people. Its always so nice to connect with kindred spirits.

Hope you don't hesitate to call on me with your special requests. As I gear up for the holidays, I can almost always fit in a special request. But, of course, get your ideas to me early if you can. I love a good present! Let me know if its a gift. I have gift boxes for most pincushions. I wrap each and every order in pretty tissue with a big, tulle bow. I want you to feel spoiled.

Happy sewing! Thanks for stopping!


Friday, October 6, 2023

Secret Blog Sale and New Items on Fiberluscious!

I'll let you in on little secret.... I am featuring a secret sale just for those who visit my blog! Get 15% off any item in my shop from now till October 15th, (2023). Just use the coupon code, FiberBlog15. Watch for more sales on Etsy this fall. Its time to get a start on your Christmas shopping! I have been busy making lots of new things. I have some lovely autumn themed pincushions in stock now. The above pincushion is called Autumn Love. Like all of my pincushions, it has an emery core and comes with 2 decorative pins. I also send free gift boxes upon request!
Check out my Fall Mug Pincushions in Brown or Cream. .................. My Newest items are Mug Rugs! ..................
I have adorable Cups and Spoons, Red Cardinal, Cross Stitch and Cat Love! I use an Insulated Batting to keep your table dry and your coffee warm. They are 6 by 8 inches and super adorable. ................................... I have added more Boxy Quilt Clip Pouches to my inventory. I know how handy they are. I use mine every day! You can buy them with or without clips. Here is one called My Red Work Garden featuring a fun, modern bird print. Check out the removable charms. I added a fun, red cardinal bead. Remove them using the lobster clasp if you need to give your pouch a wash. I recommend hand washing and air drying, but my pouches are built for just about anything!
There are more where that came from. I also have them in Orchid (Carrie Bloomston, Wonder Print) and Pink Frosting, a Lori Holt Flea Market Print.
I hope you stop by my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious and see everything I have to share! Happy Fall! Jill

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Cat Love Pincushion is Back!

I am thrilled to announce that Cat Love is back! Its a new print by Mia Charro called Kitty Wreaths. It is just as adorable as the original print. In fact I had to hunt down the changes. All I know is that I am so happy to offer my original Cat Love Pincushion again. I've had so many requests for this pincushion. It is so sweet in pink. I also use a Basic Gray Grunge in Duchess. There are 4 cats in the print, but you have to choose 3 for your pincushion. When you order you can choose specific cats, all one cat or just let me surpise you. This pincushion is special for so many reasons. Just look at that silk velvet button on top. I use a hand dyed velvet with lots of coordinating colors. Everything about this pincushion is fun and functional. It has an emery core for sharpening your pins and needles. It's surrounded by fiberfill, so it's nice a fluffy. This pincushion is large. It's 4 1/2 inches across and 2 1/4 inches high. Here are the kitties in this print. Maybe one resembles on of your fuzzy friends!
I purchased enough fabric to last me for a while. Lets hope it doesn't go out of print like the original. Don't you hate that when that happens! After I ran out last time, I had to use my leftover bits and pieces to recreate new versions. If you like this one better, let me know and I'll also add this back into my Etsy Shop Fiberluscious.
The timing is perfect as Pink is so on-trend these days! It will also be available for gift giving this holiday season! I have more pincushions coming. I've added some more Mia Charro prints from her Autumn Friends Collection. They are lovely in warm fall colors. Here is my Autumn Pincushion with pretty mugs of coffee! There are more. Come to my Etsy Shop and check them out!
Happy Sewing! Jill

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Happy Summer!

Nothing Says Summer Like Birds and Flowers This Cardinal Pincushion embodies my love of being outside, bird watching and gardening. I have also spent the summer trying new things and trying things I have on my bucket list of patchwork and sewing. I think I dreamt of this new pattern. I always love to do applique, but I rarely have the time to just sit down and get back to some nice slow stitching. I don't know why. It always relaxes me and it opens up a whole bunch of new ideas. I combined applique and some patchwork to make my Sun Shine and Moon Shine Pincushions
It was fun trying to bring something new to my patchwork pincushions. There is nothing more humbling and more comforting that looking up to see these beautiful, cosmic wonders every day. They were super fun and a great mini patchwork challenge. I say if you can imagine it, you can make it. If it doesn't work out the way you thought it would, heck, you learned a lot in the process! I have a few more pincushions to share. These are from 2 Etsy shops that I highly recommend. If you are ever in a creative block, try to do something inspired by someone else. Follow a pattern, practice a skill, just sew and see what happens. These first 2 pincushions were made from blocks I found on ASpoonFullOfSugar. Lisa Cox is a talented designer of patterns. You will find PaperPieced Patterns featured on my Cherry Pincushion and the Pineapple Pincushion. It doesn't stop there! She has applique, bags, placemats, quilt patterns and so much more. Just browsing her shop will make you smile and get your creative juices flowing!
I also loved to work with LizTaylorHandmade to create my Daisy Pincushion. Liz Taylor is another talented designer. The patterns are beautifully designed. There templates are clear and the instructions are great. Like most paper pieced patterns, you will get pattern guidance. You will have to learn basic paper piecing techniques on your own. Don't fret! There are some awesome YouTube videos and blogs to help you out. All the patterns I used for my pincushions were beginner level blocks. If you are new to the technique, start larger, be patient and have some faith. They seem to go together like magic in the end! I made the 3 inch version of this block. Sometimes working small can offer a whole lot of challenges. Bulky seam allowances being one of the problems one can encounter with small patchwork. I recommend grading or trimming down seam allowances when things get tiny. If you are new to paper piecing, be patient. Its like walking backwards. You know how to walk, you know how to sew, just take a breath and do your best. Once again, I think challenges are so good for us. They can teach you so much. Here is my Daisy Pincushion. I used lots of ombre, textured and plain solids. I love how it turned out!
Speaking of flowers, I have some news on my Summer Garden Pincushion Tutorial. Its been on my blog for nearly 10 years now. I know many have enjoyed making it. I fear that making you go from one blog post to another, trying to find everything you need was a bit of a pain. I hope you found it worth the effort. I am going to move that pattern from my blog to my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious. It won't be free anymore but it certainly will much easier to get everything you need to make it in one place. I'm just starting the process but hope to have it ready for sale before autumn. Its such a lovely pincushion and I would recommend you try it if you love embroidery!
Hope your summer has been fun and creative! Be back to share more with you soon! Jill

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

I'm having a Mom's Day Sale!

How about something special for that awesome mom in your life. Maybe that's You! Take 15% off till Mother's day in my Etsy Shop. Newly added to my shop are 3 paper pieced pincushions. The Brilliant Butterfly is a pattern by Charise Creates. The Precious Heart Gem Pincushion and the 1930's style Welcome Home Little Robin is a pattern by CenterStreetQuilts. The above "Welcome Home Little Robin" Pincushion is a paper pieced pattern by CenterStreetQuilts. If you love to paper piece, she has lots of adorable patterns. The pattern is easy to follow. I'm grateful she has given permission for limited use so each one I make will be a limited edition pincushion. She has 71 paper pieced patterns in her shop. Check her out! I am also working on more patterns from her shop as well as from CheriseCreates, EllisandHiggs, and Sugaridoo. I'll try to post those projects here as they go into my shop. I encourage you to check out Sugaridoo on YouTube. You will adore her cheery smile and her fun, modern projects. She has fun quilt patterns for kids too. Find out more on her Sugaridoo blog. Maybe your mom could use a little scrap basket, I have lots in my shop! Here are just a few...
They even fold down, just in case you want to stash some itty bitty, little stuff.
I have lots of pincushions in my shop, with my special ingredient, an Emery core. Here are a few.
If pins aren't your thing, how about a cute little clip bag, with or without clips! Find them here.
Well, my sale goes all the way to Mother's Day. Hope you treat yourself while you at it! Happy creating in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by! Jill