Sunday, October 22, 2023

Have an Idea...Lets Make it Happen!

Sometimes we just get an idea of the perfect pincushion. Sometimes we see something but wish it were a different print, or color. Maybe we want it bigger or sometimes smaller. I am the same way. So, when it comes to creating something custom, I am always up for it!

Some of my best things come from collaboration. Michele and I have worked together before. She gets an idea and we get to work. Our latest joint effort is a long arm pincushion. It turned out so well, I plan on adding to my shop. She has a long arm and the pins are large. She wondered if we could design a pincushion to ride on her long arm, so the pins could be ready to go. Because the pins are bigger this pincushion is heavy duty. She knew exactly what she needed. I'm all about making things easier, so I was happy to help! 

She was great about sending me measurements and I shared some fabric choices with her. Together we came up with this super functional pincushion! Of course it had an emery core, because pincushions with emery are great for pins and have such a nice weight. This pincushion also has 2 removable straps made from double sided Velcro. She can move her pincushion anywhere on the arm, or slide the straps out and use it on a work surface. It was a super fun challenge and I hope to make many more! Oh, to have a long arm! 


Here is what she said when she got it... "It arrived! Wish you were here to see me open it...a big oooohhhh! It's so so pretty!! And it fits my machine perfectly, absolutely perfectly. I let out all the velcro and it's very snug around the machine so I know it won't be going anywhere. I put a few pins in so you could see but it will hold lots and lots. I couldn't be happier. You always go above and beyond...I couldn't have imagined such a thing. Thank you so very much Jill, it's always such a pleasure to collaborate with you. Here's a pic of my happy face and the happy machine."......... Awwwh! That makes me so happy! 


 This Pincushion is from Melody. She created a fun Halloween pincushion using the Haunted House pattern from the Etsy Shop BerryBirdie. Didn't she do a great job! She ordered my Halloween Pin Assortment and asked that I include pins to coordinate with her pincushion. It was my pleasure!

When she was finished her project, she shared this great photo with me. Don't you just love that scissors warning on her sewing machine?! I need one of those.

Sometimes I get a request to change fabrics, shapes or sizes. I don't mind a bit.






It all begins with an idea. Once we decide on the shape, size and colors, I send photos from my crazy, big fabric stash. We may come up with something the first time, or it may take a few more photos. Sometimes customers send me their fabrics of choice. I love a challenge. I really want my customers to be super happy with their project.

Sometimes it is just a matter of changing fabrics. I send a photo of fabric choices and off we go. Here is a pretty one I created with Michelle. It is normally done with 1930's fabrics. It is beautiful in this soft print called Rose and Violet's Garden by Riley Blake.


Sometimes people just send me photos of their projects of their own creations and I love that too. Often they need pins that coordinate. Tracey send me her cross stitch project in process. And a picture once it was finished. Isn't it lovely? She has been with me for many years. She made this for her sister-in-law. Suzanne has visited my shop to have special things made for Tracey. Its so much fun to work with them.

Karen sent me a photo of her amazing wool pincushion. She needed pins. Look at all that hand stitching! I thought it was so pretty I just had to add it to this post.

I want to thank my amazing customers for sharing their ideas and their work with me. I have been working with some people almost since the beginning of my Etsy journey. I wouldn't have a shop without them. I've met so many new people along the way. Everyone makes my job feel so much more than a business. I truly enjoy working with so many generous and talented people. Its always so nice to connect with kindred spirits.

Hope you don't hesitate to call on me with your special requests. As I gear up for the holidays, I can almost always fit in a special request. But, of course, get your ideas to me early if you can. I love a good present! Let me know if its a gift. I have gift boxes for most pincushions. I wrap each and every order in pretty tissue with a big, tulle bow. I want you to feel spoiled.

Happy sewing! Thanks for stopping!


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