Saturday, January 21, 2012

Come Stitch With Me!

February 16th

My Expanding Life Sampler Project
39 Stitches by Amy Powers

I am starting a new project and I hope you join me.
I've been contemplating a Stitch Sampler for the last year.
I just can't seem to find or make the time for it. Yet, I think about it all the time. Thinking and doing are very different things. It's about time I begin this thing before it makes me crazy. So I am challenging myself to do just a bit each week. I know it will make me happy to finally call it finished.

Here is my First Challenge
My deadline to post a completed step is Saturday, Jan 28th.

1. Create the base fabric which will be 12" x 12". That will be a great size to fit into a Shadow Box.
This base will consist of a wonky patchwork. I love stripes and I love 9 patch, so somehow there will be a bit of each block in my base.

2. I will stitch one piece of my sampler on wool. The size will be no larger than 3 x 3 so I can create an image from a combination of stitches.

That is my promise to myself.

To see some beautiful inspirations and more of my musings about my Sampler Challenge click on the tab above- "Come Stitch With Me!"
I hope it inspires you to start your own project!!!

Here is how my awful computer sketch has translated into fabric. I'm so excited! I can finally envision what I want to do. Thank goodness the days of indecision are behind me!

I am using a color palette that is rich and varied. I love each and every one of these fabrics. These are the base pieces. I just sewed them down, (bottom layer only. I mostly used a simple straight stitch on my sewing machine. Where the edges will show, I used a fun zig-zag and some sketchy triple stitching. I the patches down with a spray bottle and ruffed up the edges to give them a more worn-in look. I would suggest a run through the washer if you really want the edges to get ragged. I'll photograph it when dry.

I have 2 stitched pieces finished. The stitches used are shown on my Stitch Tutorial section. Click here to see how to stitch my 7 favorite stitches.

As each sampler piece embroidered, I'll add it onto the base.

This sweet leaf features 3 very easy stitches you will find in my stitch tutorials. The leaf is outlined with a back stitch. The top section contains a few chain stitches, or lazy daisy stitches. I added a french knot in the center of each flower.
The bottom section is filled with satin stitches.

This fun little bird contains many of the same stitches. The fishbone stitch I used on the wings is new so a tutorial will be added. It is basically a satin stitch. Instead of it going down a single column, it alternates between the right and left side. It reminds me of a feather.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Gift for my 200th Sale!

Thanks to All who have made Fiberluscious such a fun shop to run.
I have the best clients and customers on Etsy!

As I hit a new milestone - 200 Sales - I want to thank you!

My 200th customer will receive a free gift with their order!

Congratulations Robin!
Robin collects so many of my pincushions and she always makes my day when she orders. She drops a sweet note with her orders which brighten my day. She and clients like her remind me to add joy and care to all my creations. They aren't means to a financial end. When I know my creations will be treasured I just feel compelled to add a piece of me in all that I do.

Thank you Robin, Patricia, Marcie, Cindy, Peggy, Lilly, Monique and all my other collectors. You are the best!

For my fellow stitchers and sewers- an adorable Needle Case.

For my customers who do not sew a Fiber Flower is yours!

If you are one of my customers, you know that I strive to spoil.

Once you order from Fiberluscious you will enjoy a 10% discount on all of your future orders!
(This includes customers from Jill Verbick Fine Design, my old shop name).

Come and take a look at Fiberluscious on Etsy!
If I don't have what you want, let me know.
I love custom orders!

In fact, my 199th sale was a custom order. Lynn asked if I could create a free-standing pincushion just like one of the pincushion rings from my shop. Here is what she inspired-

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Jean Truelove- Featured Artist and Quilter

Meet Jean Truelove!

Vintage 30s Look Traditional Heirloom Clam Shell Quilt

Jean is the mother of 10 children! She has created hundreds of quilts and has given away over 150 of them!
She has an amazing stash of fabric- learn how she keeps it all ready to use.
She is a devoted mom and a prolific fiber artist.
She also has such a lovely heart for creating. I think you will find her inspirational and talented.

For the full interview, Click on the above Featured Artists Tab.

To see my interview of Mimi Love, click here!

Watch for more featured artists each month!
If you would like to suggest an amazing artist or think you would like to be featured, leave a comment or email me at

Saturday, January 7, 2012

When you sign up for my "Queen of Creativity" tiara on Stitched, you will receive 25% off in my Fiberluscious Shop on Etsy.
Win the "Queen of Creativity" Tiara! To Win simply... 1. Register to take my Stitched Online Video Workshop,
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Winners will be announced on Friday, May 25th!
Good Luck!

Happy New Year

I normally don't make resolutions. I'd rather conjure up a few, "you know you really should..."s. Then I try to work them into my day as painlessly as possible. Change for change sake is not pleasant for most of us, but I do enjoy a great challenge.
My very first change was to get my Sew Old Sew New blog up and running on Fiberluscious. But, life kind of got in my way. I am a caregiver for my mom, who's health has been not so great this past year. If you are a caregiver you know that the task can be daunting at times but also a gift and an honor. So while I attempt to be both a caregiver, a wife, a mom, a shop keeper, a blogger and a woman who would rather sit and embroider 24/7, I promise to do my best to get this change completed. In the meantime, enjoy Sew Old Sew New.


The Love Me of Leaf Me Pincushion

This week I've been working on some new pincushions and trying to get my apple pincushion series restocked in my Etsy Shop. The Love Me or Leaf Me is created from some lovely felted wool sweaters I found. I wanted to combine some of my stitching with the centers of my fabric flowers. I really love it. I try to create pincushions I would like to use. I add a lovely pocket of emery in the center of them so they sharpen my pins and needles just by using them. I like little sections to organize my beading needles from my embroidery and stitching needles. I have numerous pincushions around my work areas. I want to create things that really work. Pretty is nice, but workable and useful is icing on the cake!
My Pincushion Rings

Pretty in Pink Recycled Wool

The Black Geometric Pincushion Ring

A Cute Assortment of my other Pincushion Rings
These beauties are not just a pretty trinket. They contain 2 tiny strong magnets that will help hold your pins in the cushion as you walk around and work. They are created from recycled wool sweaters. We have to be kind to our beautiful Mama Earth. All of my rings are adjustable. The ring has a nice bezel to protect your fingers and the ring can be worn by many different sized stitchers. Each ring is different from the last. Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop for more styles and colors.