Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Gift for my 200th Sale!

Thanks to All who have made Fiberluscious such a fun shop to run.
I have the best clients and customers on Etsy!

As I hit a new milestone - 200 Sales - I want to thank you!

My 200th customer will receive a free gift with their order!

Congratulations Robin!
Robin collects so many of my pincushions and she always makes my day when she orders. She drops a sweet note with her orders which brighten my day. She and clients like her remind me to add joy and care to all my creations. They aren't means to a financial end. When I know my creations will be treasured I just feel compelled to add a piece of me in all that I do.

Thank you Robin, Patricia, Marcie, Cindy, Peggy, Lilly, Monique and all my other collectors. You are the best!

For my fellow stitchers and sewers- an adorable Needle Case.

For my customers who do not sew a Fiber Flower is yours!

If you are one of my customers, you know that I strive to spoil.

Once you order from Fiberluscious you will enjoy a 10% discount on all of your future orders!
(This includes customers from Jill Verbick Fine Design, my old shop name).

Come and take a look at Fiberluscious on Etsy!
If I don't have what you want, let me know.
I love custom orders!

In fact, my 199th sale was a custom order. Lynn asked if I could create a free-standing pincushion just like one of the pincushion rings from my shop. Here is what she inspired-

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