Here are some of the works I am most proud of. For a more complete gallery, go to my Flicker Photostream (shown on the bottom of this page). For my works that are available for sale, check out my Etsy Shop.
You may also request a price list for all the items I offer for custom orders.

You can find descriptions and details for the following fiber works of art on Flicker. I also invite you to see my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious, which of course has my most current and available works.
Just to catch up a bit, I'm going to pop in a bunch of my most favorite pincushions and needle cases. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about them~

I explored silk a few years ago. I was asked to create a pear with silk. I added ribbon embroidery and crystals. These are some of the most elegant works I've ever created and I am so proud of them.

Here are a few embroidered items where the fabric provided the design for the embroidery. How lovely that is! Don't feel that you need to stay inside the lines. Its best when you vary the colors and add a few of your own elements. I added the hummingbird to this pattern before I started to stitch. Then simply embroider over your lines and meld the pattern into your sketch. You can see that I love this humming bird! Please note that the fabric used in this pear is no longer available. I am searching for a replacement but have not found one...yet!


Here are a few more pincushions with a touch of class-

Its been a while since I've had time to play with this design. Oh how I wish the world would stop turning for just a day so I have time to play a little bit more.

This little beauty helped my blog to go from no visitors to over 100 in less than a month! Thanks to a few of my favorite blog sisters at The Sewing Loft and 44th Street Fabrics, this little pincushion made a big splash. Who would have figured...

Here are some fun fabric combinations that followed.

Then I got a bit carried away...

A simple change like removing the sections and a bit of embroidery will give you this!

I create so many strawberries through out the year. You may order individually. I can only take 3 per order. Here are a few of what I've made in the past...

I wish I had more time to explore Needle cases. Here are a few of my favorites.

I have a few one of a kind designs to share with you too.

I love patchwork. I'm still learning, but that doesn't stop me from designing. I enjoy the challenge!

Working with wool is wonderful. Where do I start?!

These cashmere charmers come in 14 colors!

How about wool brooches and strawberries... I love them too!

Here are some fun designs on linen. Most of these ideas came from my wonderful clients! I love their creativity!

My Summer Garden on Linen is never the same twice! Check out my tutorial series on this blog for step by step instructions on how to make one of your own!

How about some hearts?

These are some of my Crazy Patch Creations-


I love doilies!

Here are a few of my all time favorite tiara's and crowns. I don't make them anymore but I do miss the creative challenge. I hope to get back to them some day, In the meantime, enjoy these!
I have a fun post with more ideas on my Sew Old Sew New Blog. Just click here to read, "I Dub Thee, Queen of the Amazing You!"

A Tribute to Mom

The "Once Upon A Time" Tiara

The Queen of the Kitchen

The Goddess of the Garden

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

To learn how to make these fun tiaras, register for the Stitched Video Workshops. I'm one of 20 artists teaching 20 different stitching workshops. Learn how to make awesome fabric flowers, sweet "heartstrings", a cute baby quilt and much more. Click on the Stitched logo to the right to find Alma Stoller's registration page. The single cost for all 20 workshops is $89. So much wonderfulness for one registration!

My Apple Pincushions are my pride and joy! Its so much fun to match fabrics to each type of apple. These never lasted long in my Etsy Shop. I am no longer able to stitch with perle cotton on batik or quilting cotton. It just is too hard on these old fingers of mine. So I thought I would share them here! You may order a version with sewn on trims, applique or minimal embroidery if you like. These were a few of the more elaborate apples I made when my shop was much less busy and my fingers were not so achy.

The Granny Smith

The Honeycrisp with hand dyed fabric.

The Pink Lady this the paisley version. I have some cute ruffled editions of the lady as well.

The Winesap one of my newest.

The Civil War Winesap

I love this pincushion but alas, all the embroidery on this odd shape is so very hard on my hands. This was the last of this design I was able to make. It has been featured on numerous blogs and websites so I get a lot of requests for it. I am afraid to say that I will no longer be offering this pincushion. It was a beauty while it lasted!
The Bosc Pear- Crazy Quilted-

Here are my Painting with Thread pincushions. They are have lots of hidden features that cater to the working stitcher- Emery pocket, non-poke hidden panel, needle sharpening wool and of course, the stitched images on top.

The Night Owl

My Pincushion Rings are also one of my favorite cushions. Each one is a little work of art.

Here is my Elegant Strawberry Series. I think these are the ultimate sewer's gift. Who wouldn't feel honored getting one of these?

If your tastes are less fancy, try my Simple Strawberries

Here are a few of my Soft Wool Pincushions. I just love the feel of them...

Gray Cashmere


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