Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Inspiration

A new version of my leaf pincushion has been waiting to burst forth. Kind of like all the sneezing I've been doing since the land is waking up in Wisconsin, these colors just seem to burst forth and come alive!

This may be a bit more fun than a sneeze, but I"m so happy its finally more than an idea.

I really love the brighter colors and the pink foundation.

My green version is one of my best sellers and that makes me happy because its so fun to make!
I made this one during the summer.

This one was designed in Autumn.

I love to see how this pincushion has improved as I recreate it each time. Its gotten brighter and better with age.
(Kind of like me...I hope.)

I've been racing to make use of all the new wool colors I picked up this year from Misty Pond Primitives on Etsy.
In fact, this is what my stash looks like now!

I better get sewing because people are drawn to fabrics by the season. All of my wool items will soon sit in warm hibernation for the summer.
Funny how that works.

I have a few new rings in my shop too. These are actually season proof. Accessories are too fun to ignore, no matter what the weather.

I love my wooly rings. I use recycled sweaters that have been felted. I center a circular design using needle felted wool roving, embroidery and beads. Once I'm done with the decoration, I gather the outside edge and pull it tight. I slip a powerful little magnet into the center, (to help keep the pins from slipping out). I securely attach it to a fun adjustable ring finding and its ready to work! A few fun beaded pins for decoration adds the final touch.

Well, I'm going to sneak in a few more wool items this week. I have some pretty needle cases inspired by some fun buttons I picked up this winter. I also received a creative push from some awesome, modern prints which are echoed in wool applique designs.

I love spring!!!
Watching the land wake up from a long and dreary winter always inspires me to open my eyes and see all the wonder around me.
I love that the weather is allowing for some long, meanering walks in the woods near my home. Its a joy to watch little green leaves poking through the dead leave beds.
When I get back to the machine, I feel like I am waking up too!

Hope you are enjoying the end of winter too.
See you soon!


Joyce said...

I like the pink version...just lovely!

Kate said...

Your leaf pincushion is luscious!

Bev said...

Gorgeous! I have the pincushion you made right by me at the computer. I love it!

Gayle said...

It doesn't look like there is enough room for one more stitch on either of your new projects - so fun and colorful! Love them!

margaret said...

great pin cushions, I am envious of your stash of wool fabric, wonderful and the rings look great

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pin cushions,I love your rings they are beautifully done!

Createology said...

Lovely wool creations. Funny how the seasons do affect our choices and favorites. Happy hearts are Creative Hearts...