Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My April Crazy Quilt Block

Here is my newest crazy quilt block. I created it for Birdie. She is one of my Etsy collectors. In honor of her name and how working with her makes me smile, I added a few bluebirds of happiness. I think they add a sweet touch.

Here is what the block looks like in pincushion form. I hope she loves it!

This block is fun, now that I have the pattern on paper. (Isn't that always the case?) Each piece is hand sewn and hand embroidered. I then add beads here and there to complete the block. I promise to walk you through the process some day.

Birdie, like many of my clients is also loves to sew. She sent me a picture of these beautiful place mats she quilted. I love the pattern and just look at how beautiful these colors coordinate with her dining set. Wow! So pretty!

I've had lots of orders to do. The next order was a gift. I love presents!
Eileen once ordered a custom pincushion from me. She had ideas, which I love. She was willing to let me play, which I love even more.
She ended up with one of the first wool patchwork pincushions I ever made. It as such a joy to work with her. Here is the pincushion she purchased from me for her studio.

When she asked me to create a pincushion for her mom, I felt honored. She liked one of the pincushions from my shop, with a few custom touches.
This is what we came up with. She hasn't seen it yet. I hope she loves it and her mom enjoys using it.

She needed it thick and simply asked that her yellow quilt pins didn't get lost in it.

A nice amount of emery will keep it from rolling around.

Its a fun little pincushion made with lots of warm and sunny thoughts.

Since I have an awesome mom, I really wanted to send some of that happy along with this pincushion.

Stop on over at Eileen's Etsy Shop- Baby Cricket
You just can't help but smile when you see her stuff! Her work is inspired by the book Where the Wild Things Are. What little one would not absolutely love some clawed mittens or fingerless gloves. I'm just picturing nights with my boys, all snuggled up in bed, reading our favorite books. This cute silver lining cloud would gently hold their sweet dreams.
She also carries fun and beautiful minky, baby blankets, sweet Mary Janes in velvet, playful plush toys, and an adorable selection of booties for babies, boys and girls.

Thanks Eileen!


margaret said...

very nice quilt block

Acorn to Oak said...

Your embroidery is beautiful! And, I like all of your pincushions. They're cute! Pretty placemats.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jill! I adore my Mom's new pincushion. So excited to get it in the mail! Thank you for the links too. You are amazing!

Derrith said...

Wow! You are really talented! This is my first visit to your blog (saw you on a side bar on 44th st fabric) and I must say I LOVE your creations. Your crazy quilt piece is really irresistable. I'm a new follower!