Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Challenges for 2013!

Happy holidays to you all. Its never to late to dream of new creations and to get motivated to learn and hone important skills. I love creating for that very reason. Anything is possible! Really, I mean it.

Quilt Block by Martha G. from Oklahoma. See it here.

Growing as an artist of any kind is a journey. Once you see it that way, its just a matter or putting one foot in front of another until you find yourself where you want to be.

I've been teaching myself embroidery for many years. The last 5 years have been a personal mission to learn new things and to gobble up all the inspiration I can find.

Crazy Quilt by Margreet deR from the Netherlands. See it here.

This next year, I'll be joining the Crazy Quilt Journal Page 2013 blog challenge. Click on the badge to the right to visit their blog. Each month a new block must be submitted. Even with my schedule, I know this is something I want to achieve so I will.

Here is my first submission! Its round, I know. It won't go on a quilt. It will become a pincushion inspired by Robin, a collector of mine.

Love how it turned out!

I hope you all will join me in this challenge, even if just to enjoy the scenery on this blog. I'm sure if you are on Pinterest, you've already stumbled onto many of the blocks other have submitted.

Block created by Linda from Australia.

Officially, registration is closed as of last week, but she will take new entries until the end of this month here. So if you are stitcher- come with me! Lets make something amazing together.


margaret said...

I so agree with you about being inspired, I have also signed up for CQJP but have not done anything yet, your first piece is very good, must get motivated. Will follow up your links

Fiberluscious said...

Margaret, Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could see those blocks in person. They are so amazing. I think you should just dive in. Once you let go of trying to be perfect, its really fun to work on these blocks. Happy holiday!