Friday, December 21, 2012

A Very White Christmas!

Well, here in the Midwest you learn to love the snow. I adore it even when we get 8 inches of it in one day! Because of the windy, blizzard conditions there are areas where the drifts are 2-3 feet high!
This is what it looked like about noon yesterday.

We live on a very steep hill, in the tallest building on the top floor, so the views yesterday were amazing. Driving...well lets just say that hill is crazy to climb even on a good day. I had to get out and shovel 3 times before I finally hit the crest and was able to park. Whew!

As the night went on and the snow kept falling, it became more beautiful by the minute.

My balcony filled with snow. Huge piles of snow teetered on a 3 inch wide railing. With the lights on, it looked surreal.
It funny how snow can make everything feel new and different. Here it is trying to sneak through the fencing.

Its finally over and time to get back out to the real world. I love big snow days like these. It feels like you are covered in a big white blanket, trapped inside with time to catch up and snuggle with you sweetie. It brings back so many happy memories of snow days as a little girl. My family of 7 kids all piled onto a toboggan. We laughed all the way down the hill, holding on to each others waists for dear life. Then we all grabbed the rope to pull it back to the top, as one. Snow has given me some of my most treasured memories. Now its here again to bless our Christmas and add just a bit more sparkle and magic to my favorite time of the year.

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Bev said...

All that snow...amazing! We have had the worst drouth on record so I would be surprised (and happy) to see snow. Your photos are beautiful!

Cheery wave!


margaret said...

snow is so beautiful when fresh, not so nice once it starts to thaw and get all grubby but yours looks a real picture.