Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Crazy Quilt Pear Adventure

This week my sampler suffered as I dove head first into a cute little crazy quilt project. The reason I began to embroider was so I could create a crazy quilt. About 5 years ago I picked up a book called "The Magic of Crazy Quilting" A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting" by J. Marsha Michler. Its a wonderful book that shows how to piece a crazy quilt using antique and modern techniques. The bulk of the book covers step by step embroidery stitch lessons. I've linked to her website. Its really lovely.
The Bosc Pear Crazy Quilted Pincushion

My crazy quilting ambitions were awakened by a client I have on Etsy. Robin has a bit of a collection of my pincushions. She picked up my pear pincushion about an hour after I posted it! She is by far, the kind of client every artist adores. She often talks to me about the things she likes in my shop, and the things she's seen that she enjoys. I love that about her! Each idea is a bit of a challenge. She gets me thinking about things I had wanted to do but never found the time for. We have a lovely synergy going. We think very much alike, which makes her ideas even more inviting. I wish a Robin for ever artist. Its hard to get into a rut when there is someone cheering you on.

I think my next, Come Stitch With Me challenge will be another crazy quilting project. Its a fun process. Its been a while since I've played with patchwork. Since my pincushions are normally small, they allow me to dabble in a lot of fiber techniques on a doable scale.
The Crazy Heart Crazy Quilt Pincushion

Let me know what you think!

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