Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ribbon Embroidery- ooohhhh aaahhh

I have a new addition to my "Come Stitch With Me". I recently ordered some pretty silk ribbon, a long overdue luxury purchase. I ordered just a few colors, and I wish I had ordered more. There is something so traditional and vintage to silk ribbon embroidery, no matter how modern the artist.

I then hand dyed some vintage seam binding. Its 100 % rayon and took the Sei Tumble Dye well. I use this quick and easy dye to customize many trims, fibers and fabrics. Take a look at how easy it is. This tutorial can be found on my Tutorials page.

I began stitching on some lovely recycled cream colored wool from blazer I found at the Goodwill.
I dove right in and fell in love with how easily the ribbon glides thru fabric. This lovely 4mm ribbon is hand dyed.

I stitched this directly onto my sampler using embroidery cotton and a blanket stitch. Wish I had some tiny vintage trim to slip behind the edges of this patch. It would add the perfect touch.

I used the wider, seam binding to do another form of hand embroidery. Its not so much couching as it is tacking. I created the flower by cutting a 5-6" piece of ribbon. The short ends are sewn together to form a loop of ribbon. I then used the wire in the ribbon, only on one side, to scrunch and gather the middle of the flower closed. I then stitched the flower shape onto one of my sampler patches, tacking it down with french knots and beads. A few long stitches and french knots form the drooping stamen.

I took another piece of ribbon and manipulated it into a bit of a swirl. I tacked it down with french knots and beads.

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