Sunday, November 20, 2016

Welcome Sew Mama Sew Visitors!

You can find my tutorial here.
I'll try to get an instruction sheet download ready for you this week, but if you follow the instructions on the tutorial, you will find that so much of it is tailored to your vintage doily, so try to roll with it. There are so many lovely little crochet goodies just waiting to be repurposed!

In honor of all of the quilters who follow Sew Mama Sew's lovely tutorials, I was inspired to do some patchwork last week. Once I got started, I just couldn't stop!
I hope you take a trip over to my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious and pick one up for the quilter on your Christmas list.

I just love the Wonky Star block. I finally got the hang of making square squares. I'm not an official quilter but I try soooo very hard to get all my little seams matching and my quilting stitches straight. The wonky star speaks to me because it is just a bit off- just like me.

This one is made from some bright pink prints from Lecien called "Flower Sugar". I adore them!
Since I've moved away from my favorite quilt shop, I've been shopping on-line. I have been ordering from Unique Fabric Palette on Ebay. Vicky is lovely to work with and I like the selection and the prices in her shop. Her service is fast and she is great at answering your questions quickly. I do miss the whole touchy feely way of shopping but this works too.

The dynamic prints in this pincushion really speak to me. Its from a beautiful line of prints called, "Scatter Joy". That's just how they make me feel when I'm designing.

I also love to make simple blocks with brilliant fabrics. This round pincushion has just 2 prints from different lines. As much as I searched and searched to find a friend for the purple print, it came as quite a surprise to just use a different color in a similar deconstructed-like print in navy. This pincushion is quite firm and the size is just right. I think an intricate block would be lost with these prints.

I want to share one more pincushion with you. Its a brilliant version of one of my most popular designs. I use a flip and sew method to piece the top. I love this print series including bright colors and fun geometric shapes.

Once you order one of my pincushions you will know that they are really functional and fun. I add a core of emery to every pincushion. It gives it a nice weight, so your pincushion sits nice and firmly on your work surface. Emery will lightly sharpen the tips of your pins and needles, so they last a bit longer and work a bit better with each use. I also pre-wash all of my fabrics. I find it softens them which allows for your pins to glide in easily. I have a beautiful patchwork pincushion but that darn thing is nearly impossible to poke! I want my sewing tools to inspire and serve you in your sewing studio.

All of my pincushions come with a complimentary gift box until Christmas. When you order, just ask and I'll send it along with your order. I just love giving presents.

Oh.. I nearly forgot to show you a little stocking stuffer to give to someone. My "Stick with Me" beaded pins come in an assortment of 10.
You can purchase all flowers, all millifiori, or a full assortment of pins. They come boxed with a pretty bow for $15.

So stop on by my shop and do a little holiday shopping. Use this coupon code, FiberJoy10 and get 10% off all of your orders until January 1st. Watch my shop for more specials from now until Christmas.

I would also encourage you to make your own gifts. I think we sometimes feel a store bought or web bought gift is somehow better than what we can make on our own. I think the love we embed into our own works elevates the joy we bring into the lives of those we love and those who love us. So go ahead and get crafty! Embrace the handmade movement and say good by to perfection and hello to the pride that comes with making it your self.

Sew Mama Sew has so many amazing tutorials so you can make something special this year.
Find my tutorial for a Frilly Doily Pincushion on Sew Mama Sew. Lisa Hawkes was very kind to include my project on a great list of lacey, romantic, holiday gifts for you to make this year.

Happy Creating!


quilty stitches said...

These are gorgeous, love then all!! And those pins,,sooo cute!

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