Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank you Elizabeth!

I always say that I meet the best people through my Etsy shop, Fiberluscious. Its amazing how generous they are in spirit, support and in encouragement. In September I met Elizabeth. She is the editor of Needlepoint Now. I felt incredibly honored to have someone who world revolves around stitching ask me to create an embroidered pincushion! One is for herself and the other was for a gift she wanted to give. I was a bit nervous, as I always want to do my best with each new project. She chose my humble little emery strawberry in fabrics from my civil war reproduction prints.

She asked me if I wanted to write a little something for her "What's New" section. I really feel like a beginner most days. I've only been stitching for 5 years and to tell you the truth, so much of my embroidery is freeform. I use about 5 stitches in ways they probably were never designed to be used! I pretty much just follow my heart. How could I pretend to be an expert!

To my great surprise, she went ahead and decided to just feature my strawberries in her December Newsletter and Christmas edition- one of her biggest issues yet!
Find her newsletter here-

I had no idea. All I knew was that suddenly everyone wanted a strawberry. The orders just kind of began rolling in. I"m currently filling over 15 orders from the last 5 days! Oh my. Its a great thing that I had a few designs in my shop. So I am not only creating berries like Elizabeth's. I'm have a bunch of black wool stumpwork berries to make.

If you want to see many more of my strawberry styles, check out a post I did in February of this year. Just click here.

Well, this is why I haven't written for you in such a long time. I'm so busy making beautiful things for my beautiful clients. I miss our chats as I always get such uplifting and fun comments from you all. It can be kind of lonely here without you all!

I have to tell you that I am a sucker for anyone who wants to give handmade for a gift. I think there is nothing more personal than something created specifically and lovingly for someone you love. Don't you agree? If so, you may use this coupon code for 10% off this holiday season- FiberJoy10. Its good till January 1st, 2014. It can be applied to your entire order. I even will provide a gift box if you tell me you need one. (I think I may be a distant descendent of Santa, That is if he is Polish and Irish!)

I do have a wonderful surprise for my next post!
I am working with a customer of mine who also has a beautiful shop on Etsy. Her name is Cynthia Crane and she has a shop featuring ceramics. So how do you mix a potter and a stitcher? Well, that's easy. She makes adorable buttons. We will be creating a project together! Click on her name, Cynthia Crane, to see her adorable Etsy shop.
Here is a peek at a few of her items.
Here is a cute little ornament. I ordered a mug for myself!

This is a mug much like the one I ordered. Isn't it adorable! I originally thought it would make a great gift, but it will be tough to let it go!

here is her website- Cynthia Cranes Art and Gardening Its so sweet and she has a free desktop calendar for you to download!

She is sending me a few buttons to stitch onto one of my pincushions. She also promises to offer a set of buttons for a giveaway! (I kind of felt like Oprah there)

So watch for our giveaway. I'll be creating a pincushion adorned with one of her buttons. She will be giving away buttons for you to adorn your own project!
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Until then- happy sewing!


Three Sheep Studio said...

Congratulations on your feature !
Your work is lovely. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sucess, out of little strawberries grow big ones as they say! your work is so beautiful what person wouldn't want one, all the best!

Bev said...

Featured in a magazine! I KNEW you were destined to do awesome things! I can't wait until you do a book. I'm really surprised that no-one has approached you to write a book. I think that is probably next. I'll be first in line to buy it! Congrats!

Cheery wave from


Jill, I could not agree with you more about meeting the “best people through my Etsy shop.” I certainly count you among them! It is the generous “spirit, support and encouragement” from lovely artists such as yourself, as well as from our customers, that gives us the confidence to continue creating. Keep on following your heart, sweet Jill, and with a heart the size of yours you will no doubt be busy filling orders for your lovely creations from now to eternity!

Congratulations on the feature! You strawberries are absolutely yummy!

Emily said...

You don't need to pretend to be an expert, you are an expert! Time to change your language and be confident!

Confidence is a mental state that comes from within, you don't need to rely on the reactions of others. You have yourself, your skills, your abilities, and that's more than you realize!