Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Amazings!

I just discovered a really lovely blog and website called The Amazings (

They love how craft is taught from one generation to another. So they have set up on line classes you can purchase. You will learn from a grandmother, grand daughter team, a mom and daughter team, or a mix of all generations. I was taught everything I know from my grandma and my mom. My mom was an artist and crafter. My grandma and mom both sewed as well. I moved on to quilting on my own, but these amazing women taught me that if you can imagine it, you can create it. Thank you for those beautiful blessings!

This technique is taught by Gilda. She teaches how to create beautiful fiber jewelry using free motion embroidery. So you can see, age does not mean aged or out dated. These women are happening!

I hope you stop by and check them out. I am so swamped, so this post will be just a teaser.
Click on the link above and see how amazing this site really is.
You can also find them on Facebook Here.

See you all soon!

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