Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thank You Nita Kay!

The human spirit is really quite generous in so many ways. What makes a complete stranger reach out to someone just to give them a gift? Anita contacted me to say she had some wool scraps that she wanted to give to me. She liked my little wool brooches and thought I might be able to sue them.
A week later a huge box arrives! Oh my! I felt like I hit the mother lode of wool scraps.

Over dyed, felted, fair isle, thick, thin, soft,!

I threw all of my scraps in the box and now I am swimming in lovely wool bits and pieces. I was so thrilled, I sent Anita one of my little wool leaf brooches.

I was so incredibly touched by her generosity. I'd like you to visit her website and Like her on Facebook if you have the time. Here where to go-
NitaKay Facebook Page-
Etsy Shop-

Here are some of her lovely fingerless glove designs. You can find them Here
Wow,she is both talented and she has a lovely spirit.

She even spins and hand dyes her own yarn.

Thanks Again Anita!!!!

So, while I was working on kind of a Pay it Forward kind of post, which will include a tutorial on using bits and pieces of felted wool, I get hit with another lovely and amazing gift!
I was checking my feedback on my Etsy Shop and I found this recent bit of loveliness left by Joanne for the Linen Pincushion I recently created for her friend. I cried!

"It was lovely doing business with the delightful Etsy shop fiberluscious. This great shop is full of the most incredibly beautiful, hand-embroidered, hand-made pin cushions and pins I have ever seen! All the designs and hand-work are the genius of Jill O'Leary, the owner, and her eye for colour, design and detail is evident everywhere in her lovely shop. Jill is warm and very easy to talk to and made a great transaction even more pleasurable and fun. She also customizes any of her gorgeous designs and will work with you on original custom ideas too!

It is amazing and I am so glad I decided to purchase one of her pincushions and a selection of her incredible, colourful hand-made flower pins. I was looking for a special thank you gift to give a quilter who created a lovely, large quilt for me and once I saw this pin cushion, I knew I had found a gift I would be very proud to give her. Not only is it an incredible object of beauty, but also something she will use and keep out in the studio everyday and so I thought it might be perfect…and it is!!! The colours are amazing and the stitching is exquisite and I am so, so happy I found Jill's shop. I know I will be ordering one for my self in the near future as it was a little bit hard sending it on it's way to my friend, but the joy in her voice when she called to tell me she received it made it all worthwhile. She was as over the moon about it as I was and still am.

The style of pincushion I chose was 'Summer Garden' which looks like a fully blooming flower garden from above and with the 'flower pins' that were created in all the amazing colours - well it's just gorgeous. My purchase was well-packaged for the journey and arrived in excellent condition, safe & sound. I couldn't be happier with my purchase from fiberluscious and I know I will be back to order more embroidery delights soon."

Holy moses. Thank you Joanne!
How can one ever live up to such lovely compliments. I feel boastful sharing it for that reason but I am also incredibly touched by all the people who are creative. You make me feel so happy! That includes all of you who read my posts and visit my shop. You make this a wonderful way to do business.

I just do what I love and I hope that my love comes through in what I create. I don't think you can ever have a restless night if you go to bed every night knowing you did your best and worked hard doing it. I know that I may only get one chance to show someone that their faith in my ability was worth every penny they spend in my shop. I am lucky to have the most amazing customers in all of Etsy land. They get me and I love them for their kindness and generosity!

If you would like to purchase one of my pincushions, or work on something uniquely your own, stop on by my shop.

Well, now that I am completely full of myself..I am going to have to plop back down to earth and tell you that I didn't finish my tutorial. But, it is close! Its this darn move.
I just sold the table that held my sewing machine so not only am I busy, but I am unable to sew till we move in next month! Arrrgh, no fun for me for a while!

While you are waiting for my tut, here are a few things I made while I was going through my box of wool goodness...

The tutorial should be up tomorrow. I just have to finish the inside of the needle case up. Actually, its a new form of needle case inspired by an article I read in Sew Somerset. I love that magazine!
See you soon!

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