Sunday, August 25, 2013

Checking in on my little babies...

Awwww. I am smitten with my little feathered babies. I check on them all day and they have captured my heart! Here is a picture taken on Friday. They sure are growing fast.

Dad was off the nest for just a minute so I grabbed a quick photo. I have to tell you, they are really so darn ugly they are cute. They remind me of little vultures! One is much larger than the other. I was worried that the law of the fittest would mean that the little one would be left out, but thankfully both eat well. One just more than the other.

We had a powerful storm come through Friday morning so I fashioned a goofy roof to protect them.
All of the greenery is now brownery so I left the roof up as the sun is burning quite hot this week. There are a few fake leaves up as well. I didn't want them to think their home was ugly!

They may fly off before the week is over, so I'm going to enjoy their last days with me. I hope if they come back next year, the new tenants will be kind and enjoy this experience as much as I have.

Don't stop reading... my next post is new and extra special.

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