Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Chain Stitch or Lazy Daisy Stitch Tutorial

The chain stitch is often called the lazy daisy stitch. One stitch in itself creates a petal or leaf like shape. If you continue one stitch after another, you will get a chain stitch. I like to use this stitch when I need a nice wide line. You can use a lot of variance on where the needle goes in and to alter the size of the chain. I use it to place petals around a circle shape to make a flower. Check out the petals and leaves on the flowers on the apple below.

Here is a great example of lazy daisy stitches galore from Feeling Stitchy. Love her stuff!

1. This stitch is so fast and easy. Simply come up and go down in the same spot. The trick is to create a loop to make each chain or petal. First come up with your needle. Then, in one motion bring the needle down into the same hole and then up through the loop you created. Pull through gently, but not firmly. The looser the stitch, the larger the loop will be.

2. The step shows the first completed stitch of the chain. At this point you can create a petal or small leaf if you like. Just bring the thread back down very close to the other side of the loop you created.

3. This image shows the beginning of the next stitch. Simple continue this same stitch to create a line of chain stitches.

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Oh thanks for doing this! Your instructions are amazing! I'll be mentioning this on my blog! Will be great for your book! :)

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