Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello 2013!

It has been such a great year for me. My Etsy Shop just hit it's 501st sale! I received more orders this year than I did Sept 2009 to 2011. Wow! Thank you so much to any and all who have purchased from me, featured my items on their blogs, Facebook pages and Pinterest. I had over 52,000 visitors on Etsy and over 20,542 on my blog this year! Many of you have left comments, convo'd me and connected by email. I feel like I've connected with many kindred spirits and I hope those connections last for many years.

I want to thank all of those who featured my Etsy items in their beautiful Treasuries. If you don't know what a Treasury is, click here and take a peak. Sonya has recently discovered my shop, all the way from Bulgaria. You must stop and see her Etsy shop called WowSonya and a new shop called, WowSeeThe. Here is one of her beautiful brooches which is a beautiful wire and bead work of art in purple wire and garnet stones. So stunning. You can purchase it here.

I am so grateful to my blog buddies, Bev from 44th Street Fabrics (Etsy and Blog), Heather from The Sewing Loft, (Etsy and Blog).

Bev asked me to do a giveaway with her. It was my very first and I have to say, that project literally lifted my blog from 2 followers (after 3 years) to 35. Now I have over 75! Not only did she go on to write more little features, she also became my mentor and friend. I've learned so much from her and she is so kind and fun to work with.
Bev is also a very talented quilter who seems to be somewhat magical in how quickly she can piece a beautiful block. Nothing seems to be beyond her expertise. I love her colorways and her sense of design. Here are a few of her beautiful quilts in progress-
The Farmers Wife

Visit her Blog and enter her newest giveaway featuring Fly a Kite fabrics from Riley Blake Designs. So fun!

Look at her stunning Summer Celebration!

Heather from The Sewing Loft featured my 1930's Granny Tomato Pincushion. I sold so many after her feature, I could hardly keep up. Since then she has offered me great advertising opportunities and I love her blog.
You have to try some of her adorable patterns in her Etsy Shop.
The Grocery Store DIY Felt Food Tutorial

You must try her sweet accessory patterns.

I would also like to thank Alma Stoller.

She is an awesome fiber artist who's work can be found in many fiber books and blogs. She put together the Stitched Video Workshops and invited me to create of 20 video workshops. I had never done a video tutorial, much less an involved video workshop. My project was the Queen of Creativity Tiara. It featured a number of mini tutorials on needle felting, pattern drafting, fabric dyeing, beading and other techniques I used to create my tiara.

It was such a great learning experience. Stitched ends tonight after a very creative year getting to know the other very talented artists who's work was featured on that workshop. Alma is creating a new Stitched Video workshop series and I highly recommend that you check it out and join in the fun.

I love the Internet. Through it I have been able to promote my work at little or no expense. I had a great year on Pinterest. I see my pincushions and needle cases on so many boards. Check out my profile here. I tend to pin fabric, sewing, and some creative food ideas. I have 1,799 followers! I love to visit Pinterest right before I begin a new project. I am so inspired by the many very talented and original artists who's work is featured.

Thank You my many Etsy Friends!!!
I think one of the greatest influences on my fiber art this year has come through my customers. Especially Robin. Whenever she asks for something new, I know that its time to put my muse on overdrive and come up with something very special. She loves traditional technique, which means I need to keep learning so when its time to work, I have something good to bring to my project. She has so many of my pincushions in her collection,(maybe 80 now) so I know what ever I do has to be new. I love her because I can justify every new fabric purchase now! lol! Actually, my fabrics lead me in so many fun directions and inspire the newness needed to fill a tiny void in a big collection.

I love all my customers. Many have collected a number of pincushions from me. I love working with them, especially on collaborative projects. Melanie and her sweet strawberries, Pamela's gift list was long this year! Linda, Susan, Suzanne, Pat, Rita, Pat from the UK, Cathy and her many cashmere for her quilting buddies... Oh there are so many I think of as dear and generous. They keep my hopping and I love working with them. I like to spoil my customers and I love to see them back. We created over 40 pincushions this November! I say "we" because my shop exists for you. You inspire me and I hope I do the same for you. I love to think of you working with each pincushion at your side. I imagine Eileen and her fun "Where the Wild Things Are" clawed slippers under the needle while hundreds of yellow topped pins sit nicely organized on her wool patchwork pin keep.

You all are so wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I adore Etsy shop owners who carry amazingly wonderful materials for me to work with. Their service is second to none! Fast shipping and such personal service. Getting your packages is like opening Christmas presents, especially when I find a little freebee stick inside. Here are a few of my favorite shops and some pictures of their beautiful materials-

Beautiful wools from:
Misty Pond Primitives
Susi Sunflower felted wool bundle

And Roving from Woolie Bullie

and beautiful roving and high quality needles from Purple Moose Felting. And yes, the Intense pink is really this intense.

Fun and Fabulous beads for my pins from BobbiThisNThat from Canada

Fabrics from;
A Garden of Roses by Linda


Beautiful Silks from NunoFeltingDesigns. Suzanne will have more of these soon, I hope!

I get my Emery from The Cheswick Company. You have to check out her primitive pincushion patterns. They are awesome!

Well, I could go on and on but alas, its time to go to bed.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you all again very soon.
I wish you a very happy and creative new year!

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Bev said...

Happy New Year to you, my pal! You are so talented and creative and so sweet that you are bound to be a huge success! I can't wait for you to write a book! I love your work and am excited to see what you will do in 2013! Again, have a wonderful new year with health and happiness for you and your family!

Cheery wave from