Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just a Few Peaceful Thoughts

I listened to the news this week and its really hard not to feel uneasy, afraid and yes, alarmed. I remember in grade school practicing our atomic attack drills, as if ducking under our desks was a real way to survived the unimaginable. I feel that same fear, but now that I am older, experienced, and informed, I find that my feelings are deeper and multi-faced. I rarely speak of politics. I try to separate those views from my shop and my creativity but its time for me to speak a bit of mind.

I work and chat with artists and clients from all over the world. Its one of my favorite parts of what I do. I've shared the work of Inna Bird from Russia, I was featured on Homespun Magazine in Australia, my pincushions have flown from all over the United States to the United Kingdom. The pincushion below was a collaboration from one of my dearest customers in Japan. She is lovely and I think of her my dear kindred spirit.

I think we all have so much more in common than we are told we do. I for one, believe in creating. Destructive words and deeds have no place in my heart or my life. When I hear the leader of my beloved America speaking with so much hate I want to cry. I want to have a world in which my grand daughters do not cower under their desks. I want them to have lovely, untouched land to visit and protect. I can't think of a single corporation as a friend or yet as a person who's voice is more important than my own. Yet our bank accounts carry unequal weight with our leaders and I don't consider that an equal right. When Trump speaks, I am embarrassed and very afraid. There are many more people like myself than those who support his ignorant and divisive rhetoric.

I hope we stop talking with so much hatred and venom. I worry that this leader has no commonalities with my values or my aspirations for my country. In this world at this time we all have to connect on a human level. If I do my part one stitch at a time, well I think that helps me sleep at night. If telling you that I want peace and prosperity for all, is one small step, well that is where the longest of journeys begin.

I don't want my readers from other countries thinking that all Americans only love those from America. Those would probably account for less than 1% of our population. We were built and have gained strength and beauty from the many cultures and peoples who have come to our country. We are all immigrants. We are brothers and sisters and we had better start acting like it if we want to survive. At the very least, let us respect, communicate and try to understand each other as human beings. We all just want to live a better life. Do unto others never gets old and it is after all, the golden rule.

Well, I guess that is all I have to say. Welcome to Fiberluscious. I am happy to meet you from where ever you come from.
Peace be with us all.


CalamityJr said...

So well and thoughtfully said. Thank you.

Bren said...

You have a fabulous blog when you remain on the subject of embroidery & I appreciate the time & effort you put into it when sharing with the world. I'm assuming your blog goes all over the world. When you speak of our president in a negative way, your column embarrasses me for its derogatory presentation of our leader.

The president is speaking IN RESPONSE to the threats & actions made by North Korea. They announced they would aim toward Guam (our Americans). Do you want our president to speak in response or strike in response? The reason North Korea is so far along with their missiles is that all the past presidents placated them with the smell of money & words that are sweet to NK's ears.

When you are afraid, do you pray to God for comfort & that ALL our leaders will be led by God to do what is right for us & the rest of the world? I will be praying for you & hope that your heart will find the peaceful calm that only comes from the One above.

Mary said...

Thank you for speaking out. When it becomes impossible NOT to speak we must. I too want the world to know we are a country of good, reasonable people. Unfortunately our President's rhetoric works against us being seen as part of a collaborative world. Today he needs to try to defuse this situation not use inflammatory rhetoric to ramp it up. Too much is at stake. Military action must be contemplated with a calm, researched, advised, well thought out plan not in a brash ill conceived response. Too much is at stake. Guam, South Korea, and Japan and possibly our mainland are at stake.
I applaud you for your calm thoughtful words.
I too remember practicing hiding under my desk as preparation for a nuclear strike.

Fiberluscious said...

I appreciate and welcome all viewpoints but if I don't respond, its because we all have a right to our opinions. I don't think an embroidery blog is capable of shaping or changing minds so I will respectfully allow intelligent and non-hateful comments to be made and posted.
I merely am reaching out but also setting boundaries and perhaps, allowing a bit of my self to be exposed knowing I may drive some away. That is a risk I felt willing to take. If I can touch someone from an another shore and they see me as a human being and not an enemy, its worth it.