Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hello All! I told you I'd be back!

Here is a new pincushion from this year. Its made from a lovely butterfly print from a wonderful shop on Ebay. I normally love to see fabrics in person but I haven't been disappointed in the price or quality of the fabrics I get from Vicky4780. This fabric from Hoffman is called Crystalia Full Spectrum. Its so pretty. I hope to get more before its gone. You know how fast fabric goes when you fussy cut.

Here is another version.

To make this easy pincushion I cut out a circle of fabric which features one of those pretty butterflies. I created an applique by simply hand stitching a basting stitch around the circle. I then attached it to a wider circle in a coordinating fabric, (easy to do, these colors go with so many!). I then used glass seed beads, bugle beads and crystals to the design and then created a frame with even more beads. The circles can be any size you like. I think anything bigger than 5 or 6 inches across is just too big for a pincushion.

I then made a bottom circle in the coordinating fabric and put right sides together, (the top and bottom sections). I add an emery pocket using muslin. I put the pocket in and then stuff the remaining pincushion with polyester fiberfill. Turn it right sides out and close the opening with a mattress stitch. You can find the tutorial from my classic pincushion and the emery pocket on my tutorials page here.

Well, here are some of my other pincushions from this year.

I designed a few new flowers for my Summer Garden Pincushion. These new pincushions traveled all the way to Japan! I have such a lovely new client. We chat often as I think the translator program messes up a bit of our ideas. Its so worth it. She is wonderful and I'm so lucky to have gotten to know her!

I added clematis, yarrow, yellow coneflower, spidermums, cherry blossoms and bluebells.

Working with beautiful fabrics can be so inspiring. I found this pretty bird print and I had to feature it. I added lots of tiny straight stitches to the body of the bird. Anyone can do this with a bit of patience and lots of colors of floss. Take the print to your favorite craft store and match up the colors you will need. It will stitch itself!

Well, I have a few more new fabrics to show you and a few things I've made with them. I added more houses to my shop. The others went so quickly. I hope you find these available when you check out my Etsy shop Fiberluscious.

I told you I have a fabric addiction! I have a feeling I'm not alone. My best advice. Just cut right into it and have some fun!

I'm not big on kits and directions but I may add a pattern to my house pincushion to my shop. Its just so fun and easier than you think.

I'll try to get more posts in on a regular basis. My oldest grand daughter started full day kindergarten. Oh my, I'm going thru cutie pie withdrawl! The youngest is a hand full but she is napping, so perhaps this will be my new posting time.

Talk soon!


gracie said...

I love pincushions and yours are beautiful. Thank you for sharing and giving me and others ideas!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pin cushions, I love them all!

Sheryl said...

Such beautiful pincushions Jill, just love those butterflies, gorgeous work. Thank you for commenting on my blog and of course you may use the photos of my poor version of your Summer Garden design used as a jar lid. Thank you for having shared the tutorial, one day I shall do the whole pincushion.