Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Additions to my Etsy Shop

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I've been so busy getting getting the last of my back log of orders out the door. It was a busy holiday season for Fiberluscious! I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful followers.
Here is a crazy quilt pincushion I just finished for Birdie. She once ordered a pink version but gave it away! How sweet is that. Well, I just had to do something special for her. I love how it turned out.

I just listed some new pincushions. The one pictured above is new, as well as a few new heart designs. Valentine's Day is nearing and I have thoughts of love and yes, spring on my mind. I can't bring spring, but I did stitch up some sweethearts for you to see.

I love red work. I had some pretty bright linen that suited this design to a tee. Instead of red on white, I did the exact opposite. I added a vintage embroidery pattern to the front in white perle cotton. I then added a sweet tassel on the bottom.

Once I made that one, I just had to explore that heart pattern further. I have so many pretty vintage trims, flowers, and linens here in my stash. I've seen so many pretty things lately with layers upon layers of lace, buttons and trims. I wanted to give my hearts that same flavor.
Here are two of those hearts.

These are all sold out as of a few minutes ago. But watch my shop for more to come!

Hope you are all staying warm and dry. I'm hearing from my friends around the country that this has been a brutal winter for all. Its snowing here today after days and days of below zero temperatures. I really can't wait for spring this year! I'll have to think flowers. My next project is embroidery and stumpwork on wool. That should warm me up!

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See you soon!


MadlenaS said...

Великолепно! Сколько у тебя фантазии! Мне очень нравятся эти миниатюры!

Unknown said...

Your work is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing! So happy I came across your blog.The items in your shop are amazing!

Wendy said...

your work is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your work every piece is always full of beauty!