Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bye Bye Birdies!

This is a picture from Friday morning. Look at how big my little doves have become! They feathers are no longer fluffy. When I saw how big they had become I knew they were not long for our little nest. When I woke up on Saturday, this is what I found...

I felt so sad and happy all at once. They are finally off on their own.

The last few days they were in the nest, it was a bit rough for the mom and dad. Feeding time was getting rather intense, almost violent! My hubby laughed when I told him I had scolded the little ones everytime the parent came to feed them. They nearly pushed them out of the nest! After I scolded them, the next feeding involved both parents. For some reason, they seemed to behave a bit better with both parents in the nest. After the morning feeding, I didn't see the parent back in the nest until dinner time. They both came to feed them within 30 minutes or so. Then they were off again. The babies must have sensed that they needed to fend for themselves if they wanted as much food as they had gotten the week before.

I wished I could have seen them fly off, or at least practice. Its so amazing how fast they grow in nature. I spent Friday with my grand daughter. We have so much fun together. She's 2 1/2. I'm so happy she doesn't grow so fast. I wouldn't let her. She's just too much fun they way she is!

Here's one more picture.

Thanks for sharing this with me!

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Bev said...

Awwww, so cute! I feed the birds and have a bird bath and one day I saw a little one on the bird bath flapping it's wings really fast. I thought something might be wrong with it. Then I saw the mama bird fly up and land by it then fly to the feeder. She did that about 5 times and then the baby got enough courage to try it too. Now I frequently notice the birds with really fast wings and know that they are new babies just out of the nest. I spend a ton on bird food! Thanks for sharing! Hope you're doing well! Cheery wave from Bev