Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry Special in June!

Let's Celebrate Strawberries!

While plant shopping yesterday I noticed some yummy strawberry plants. Not only were they in bloom, they already had fruit. In Wisconsin, any early harvest is something to celebrate!
I love creating Strawberry Emery Pincushions.

I love changing it up and thinking of new approaches to traditional favorite sewing tools.

Here is my very elegant strawberry with crystals. Available in Red, Burgandy, Black, Brown and Turquoise

Here are some felted beauties! The design varies and I invite you to choose a color scheme you love and I will custom felt your strawberry.

I've designed some new designs for my Etsy Shop. Here's My first new design...The BIG Strawberry!
This one is 4 1/2 inches long, 2 i/2 inches across and 7 inches around at the top! I made it with a lovely recycled wool in a radiant red raspberry. I initially thought of a very delicate embroidery design in stranded floss but decided to go with #5 perle cotton and bold shapes. I created fun drooping flowers using long straight stitches, long bullion stitches and french knots. The base of each flower is bright green satin stitches. The stems are wrapped a back stitch with subtle color changes and french knots. The tiny leaves are easy fish bone stitches. I ran a running stitch around the cream colored white top. I added more straight stitches and french knots and a strong loop covered in cast on stitches. For the new or non-embroiderer, I just want to encourage you to give these simple stitches a try. I think anyone can master stitching. I think hand embroidery is like signing your name to your work. It goes so far beyond a machine stitch. Everyone has their own style and sense of design. Its such a unique way to create a personal statement.
Here is is with my emery strawberry and a cute little felt strawberry I made.

I'll be offering a tutorial on making your own strawberries. Best of all, any purchase over $50.00 in my Etsy Shop comes with a free Strawberry Emery Pincushion! Yup, free. My treat.

So get out the shortcake, buy some whipped topping and get ready to get your strawberry on in June!

Click here to check out my 3 for $20.oo Assorted Strawberries on Etsy. Normally, they are $8 each. Save $4.00!

As with all of my Etsy items, I'll throw in a gift box or tulle wrap free of charge. In a hurry?... I'll ship right to your special someone.


BECKY said...

Hi There! Was reviewing my blog stats and saw your url there. So glad I popped over! Your work is so lovely and creative! I am off to check out your shop!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Fiberluscious said...

Thanks Becky. I love your blog and enjoy your posts. Thanks for stopping by!