Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet My Little Family

We have been blessed with a mourning dove nest on our balcony.

Three weeks ago I noticed doves on our balcony. I have so many plants up here, I guess they thought this was a tree house! They found their way into one of my planters and began to build a nest. It was not a great nest. It was thin and kind of prickly. In fact, I didn't see the birds more than a hour or so a day for the first week. Then suddenly there was just one perfect little egg. Since that moment, the parents have been sitting on the nest 24/7.

I love to peek out during the day and softly talk to them. Their nest is just a few feet from my patio door. I have a 7 foot tall Dutura plant and a gorgeous Sun Parasol vine on the other end of the porch so I am out there daily to water. I can't believe how well they tolerate my presence. What an honor!

The above picture was taken this past weekend. As you can see, the plants that surround the bird are not fairly well. Its been cool most days, but this week it was warm and sunny and I realized that if I don't water their specific planter, they may lose their shade. So, I decided to move right up to the next to water around them. I am within inches of them and it feels like such an honor to be trusted by them.

I love to come out to greet the parent as they come on duty.

One will stay for most of the day. They look so much alike that its hard to tell which one is here and which one is off feeding. The nesting parent will sing that beautiful song that mourning doves sing to let the other parent know they are ready for a snack. After 30 minutes or so, the other bird will arrive. They carefully change places, slowly climbing over each other to slide onto the egg. I don't think it is left uncovered more than a split second. They are so loving and diligent in there duties.

I read that the egg usually hatches in 2 weeks. That means that the new arrival should hatch this coming Friday! The babies need about 2 weeks to grow strong before they fly off. I can't wait to see it! I just hope they allow me out on the balcony once it arrives. However, we are in the midst of a move, so I guess, if my plants don't make it, there will be 10 less things to bring to the new balcony.

I'll keep you posted!


margaret said...

what an amazing time you must be having watching these doves and as you say they let you so near, will be lovely to see the new born, can see you will be spending hours at your window watching them. I wonder if they will be back next year, I have swifts that return every year to my roof space.

Susan Hook said...

What a beautiful thing to have nature on your doorstep!