Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gallery Page Update

I find it so hard to keep up with social media. I adore my blog and am so happy when I can find time to add to it. Its my chance to get some feedback from my readers and I love, love, love to hear from you. I often click on your pictures and visit your little on-line worlds. Its like taking a trip around the world. I have hundreds of visitors from every where on the planet. Its so great to know that we all have something beautiful in common.
Well, I noticed, while I checked my stats that I have many visitors to my Gallery page. I was horrified to see that I had not updated that page since I opened my Fiberluscious blog years ago. Oh my! Thats terrible.

Well, if you want to take a trip through many of my works, you can see my Gallery page here. I am not quite finished, but am quitting for tonight. I hope you enjoy seeing my many different fiber works. It always surprises me to revisit all that I have done. Where did I ever find all of this time!?

Here is an oldie by a goodie. Check the gallery to see many more!

Now if I could just get you a new tutorial!
It never ends....


Мария said...

Очень красиво!!!!

Jill and Paul's Wedding said...


Тоня Optimistic ;) said...

Солнечные, теплые работы :) Очень красиво!