Thursday, July 18, 2013

Art Gifts have love stitched into them...

One of my favorite works of art are often custom ordered gifts from one sewer to another.
Pat ordered this beautiful water themed pincushion for Tina. Having worked with them both, I really enjoyed creating something extra special!

Tina loves anything ocean, water or with a nautical theme. In fact, she ordered a little strawberry for her self for her upcoming birthday. It was so hard not to tell her what Pat had ordered for her! I love surprises, but hate keep secrets, especially happy secrets!

She also ordered a little matching silk strawberry, which I just shipped to her. I forgot to take a photo. Oh dang. I sure hope she likes it!

I get a lot of ordered for gifts. Because I love giving presents so much, I really enjoy creating them for others to give. I try to put a little bit of "love" into them. I just get this lovely warm feeling while I am working, which makes the job a joy.
Here are a few gifts I've created this year...
Marianna ordered a linen pincushion for her daughter. She requested a different flower in each section of my lavender linen pincushion. I was thrilled as I had just imagined that design but hadn't the time to play with my ideas. Here is what Marianna and I came up with.

Now, I was thrilled to ship the "Glamorama" to Richelle's grandma. It was her 80th birthday!

This crown was given to Kristen's mother in Law for her 80th birthday! Oh how I would have loved to see her face when she donned this fanciful crown. I think everyone should feel like a queen.
I used to make a lot of crowns and tiaras. Alas, I just can't seem to find the time these days to explore that line of fiber goodness. I really enjoyed creating something wonderful for someone else.

This wooly sunflower pincushion was for Eileen's mom. Hope she loved it.

Here is the pincushion most likely to become a gift and that makes me happy because it is so much fun to create. I never tired of its soft feel and bright colors. I have a few versions of it in spring, summer and fall colors. Here is the spring and the original version.

Well, I hope to create many more gifts. I love giving them and making them!
Christmas comes early around here. My holiday rush begins in October. So, I decided to take a few weeks off in August to play with new ideas. Its so hard to create when you have things to do. I am looking forward to letting my imagination wander through all the pretty goodies, fabrics, trims and charms I've picked up this year. I also have all of that silk dye to play with! Oh my. I can't wait!

Here is one new items I managed to squeeze in this last week. I received an order for a batik needle book similar to this 1930's version I created last year.
While I was cutting, I decided to try a variety of half square and flying geese block configurations. It was so much fun! I even managed to piece a new pincushion which you can purchase here.
Well- here are the original and the batik versions.....

Take a look at my fabric choices page, (upper left hand corner of this blog) to see some of the new batiks and flower print fabrics I've picked up. So much fabric... so little time!
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liniecat said...

Such delightful pin cushions there.....and such a great idea for a gift too. feel free to add my name to your gift list!!

Julie said...

All of everything you do is just so amazing!!!!! Gorgeous!

Tina said...

Tina here, I love, love, love my pincushion and the matching little strawberry is lovely. I am so proud and excited to be the proud owner of these pincushions.

Thanks so much, Jill

Createology said...

Your work is stunning. The ocean themed pincushion is a word of art! Love each item you have created with your hands and talents. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

margaret said...

a most beautiful collection of pin cushions here, I am sure none will have pins stuck into them though as they are far too nice. Lovely

Susan Hook said...

I am amazes by your tallent, you put so much thought into everything. It is hard to choose a favoutite on they are all gorgeous!

Thearica said...

Beautiful work.. especially love the ocean themed pin keep.

Наталья said...

Good day! You have great work! Bright, not like all the things that I've seen before! Wonderful, wonderful idea and a great performance! Since I will be happy to read your blog! Your work is inspiring and give a lot of positive! Good luck!

I apologize for my bad English. I am from Russia.))