Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby Pictures

Daddy is in the nest today and he is showing the little one off for me. So I grabbed the camera and so I could share our new addition with you!

Mom was on the nest all day yesterday. I caught a glimpse of fluffy feathers and a little beak. Today, I got a much better peak. It moves around just a bit. I can't wait to see the nest change. Maybe I'll get to see her feed the baby. This is just so cool!

Of course, the rest of my balcony is suffering from a lack of attention. I don't even want to show you how sad my flowers look. Lets just say, the rest of the pots are fairing just a tad better than the nest planter. I usually am out on my balcony everday, dead heading, watering, trimming, etc. I love my little extra room with the extra high ceiling. Oooh so sad.

Well, my next post will be about fiber.. I have a new crazy quilt block in the works and I'm trying to get a tutorial done for you all.
Stay tuned!


margaret said...

maybe if she comes back next year you could set up a camera to film all the time. I agree you cannot weed the area at the moment it would be terrible if you disturbed them and they abandoned the young chick

Createology said...

How very precious. Fortunately you can get new flowers after this milestone event has completed. Nature certainly is amazing.


Love love love this! Thanks for sharing it with us!