Saturday, August 31, 2013

Check out my New Tutorial - How to Dye Vintage Buttons!

Do you have as many buttons as I have? If so, check out my newest tutorial. How to Dye Buttons using Rit Dye. I had lots of fun and it was really easy.

Just mix the dye....submerge your buttons....rinse them off and you are done!

If you don't enjoy all the mess, check out my Etsy Shop. I am selling the buttons I dyed for this tutorial and I am also de-stashing some of my vintage and antique buttons. Come take a look!

I have a request for a needle felting tutorial and I have been working on a wool needle roll. Of course, I'm also packing so be patient. I have them all on my to-do list.
See you soon!


Three Sheep Studio said...

Your buttons are lovely and candy like !
Thanks for sharing this clever idea.

Susan said...

Gorgeous colors and a very clever idea!