Saturday, August 4, 2012

Connections in Sight Art Contest

I recently was show to exhibit my pincushions in an art exhibit.

As a fine artist I spent many years showing my paintings in galleries and art festivals. When my vision became more and more challenged, I thought those days were long gone. Showing in a special exhibit for artists with varying degrees of vision loss was such a thrill. The artwork in this exhibit is simply amazing. Here are a few of the beautiful pieces by a few very talented artists with limited vision.

Photography by Alison Fortney

Painting by Rose Fortney, (Alison's mom)

To see more artwork and to vote in the Connections in Sight Art Contest go to and vote for your favorite artist. Here is one of my favorites...

Here are a few of the pieces I am showing.

I really enjoy working with needle felted wool. I've found so many juicy and bright colors. I really the process of painting with fibers. Its so easy and with just the right touch, its not impossible to come up with something you really love.

I'm pretty lucky. My vision is mostly blurry. I still enjoy colors to the fullest and with my handy dandy bifocals, I can create to my hearts content. So, I feel very blessed in the long run. I don't like to talk about my eyesight. I had to stop painting because it became so frustrating and sad when I couldn't see the details I needed to complete the portraits I loved to paint. I spent a few years feeling pretty sorry for myself. Then I met Rose Fortney, who's vision is so challenged she can't go anywhere without Clyde, her lovable and trusty guide dog. Rose showed me that with the right tools, you can do anything you want to. She was so right.

I had a feeling that I was supposed to let go of one thing in order to receive another? It simply was time for me to make a change. Working with fabric and fibers has opened up so many creative challenges to me. I love the materials, the textures, the functionality of my work and I really love collaborating with my clients and customers to create new things every day.

Well, I hope you check out the works in this lovely show. It will be showing in Milwaukee, WI for the next week or so and then onto a traveling show. If you can't make it in person, click here to see more artworks by artists with vision loss. We have something surprising to show you!

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