Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Pear Pincushion

This is my newest piece created for a lovely, Etsy client.
She asked if I could repeat a sold item, which
I am almost always thrilled to do.

This pear pincushion is one of my favorite pieces.

I embroidered and embellish crazy quilt style patchwork.
I've added some vintage trims, beads, lots of embroidery
and a bit of my love for crazy quilting.

I don't know if I'll be making on another soon. It took nearly a month to complete and my old fingers and joints are none too happy right now. But each ache and each callous seems well worth it when I'm finished. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

I just received feedback from Vicki on her pear. These are her very kind words I am proud to share with you...
"This is absolutely beautiful -- the stitches are amazing and beautiful. This is definitely one of the most original and incredible pieces that I have ever bought from Etsy. Your talents are just amazing -- thank you so much for this piece --- I love it more than I can ever say!"

This is why I love to create and share my work. Somehow each piece seems to go to the perfect home. Thanks so much Vicki for inspiring this pincushion.
I recommend that you visit Vicki's blog, 2 Bags Full. And her Etsy Shop, vboster. She creates beautiful, amazing fiber nests. Each one is truly a work of art....
The Woodland Nest-

The Shorebird Nest

She has a autumn inspired nest coming and also a holiday inspired creation. Want one? Better visit her blog and put yourself on her waiting list. She's one busy artist and a terrific lady.


Julie said...

Your fruitylishious pin cushion is just plain wonderful!!! I LOVE IT!!! The person who ordered it, will be thrilled to have one of your creations!!! WOWZERS!

Fiberluscious said...

Wow, thanks for the incredible compliment! I hope she loves it too. This is one of those heart and soul things I love to make. Wish I had younger fingers and less callouses. It feels really great to do something I love to do.

Daria said...

Wow! It's so beautiful! I love it!

Vicki Boster said...

Ohhh you've made my day!!! Thanks so much for sharing my creations too!!! The photo of the pear is stunning-- I'll borrow these photos when I do my post later this fall!!

Be sure to check back with my blog later this fall-- October - to get the badge for the blog party. Are you kidding me????? When folks see your beautiful creations- you will get lots of followers!!!

Fiberluscious said...

Vicki, you are the best! Thanks for giving us blog newbies a hand! Please feel free to use any images of your pear. Its been so great working with you!

Unknown said...

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