Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kudos to my Customers

I think I am pretty much the luckiest Seller on Etsy. I have so many amazingly sweet customers. I have a page on my blog where I share their comments and feedback.
I know how many shops there are on Etsy. When someone chooses mine from all the rest, well, I couldn't be more appreciative. In fact, all returning customers receive a discount each and every time they shop with me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my Etsy friends and clients!!!

Here is what my customers say about the things they have ordered and the service they received. Did I happen to say that they are the best?!

Robin...well her compliment is better than any words. She has ordered a total of 69 items from my shop! She has 66 pincushions in her collection. I've heard that it is amazing! Robin and I work as a team on many of her items. We sometimes choose fabrics, discuss new designs, she suggests things I would have never thought of. I often think of her as my muse. She is always patient and gracious and offers me valuable and supportive feedback. I love the collaborative process and Robin makes it fun and challenging. Thanks so very much Robin!


Darleen said,
"I am beside myself with joy! Not only was your art work fabulous (almost too pretty to use) but the wrapping was a wonderful surprise. It is obvious you put your soul into you art. If everyone had to sign their name to what they do, things would be done with a lot more quality. You have put your very best into you work and have no problem with saying "I, Jill did that". Your attention to even the smallest detail is obvious. Thank you so very much."

Melanie said,

"What can I say...Jill is an "artist". If you're lucky enough to own one of her treasures you will understand what I mean. Whimsy and attention to detail go hand in hand. And her communications skills make transactions with Jill a Joy. You can't go wrong with Fiberluscious!"

Veronika said,
"oh wow, this is by far the cutest pin cushion I have ever seen! It's easy to see the high quality materials and amazing amount of love that have gone into this little house! There's a generous amount of emery as well, which helps it stand up nicely and the details are just sooo adorable! I used to think one pin cushion is enough for anyone, but now I want to fill my sewing corner with Jill's gorgeous creations!"

Pam said,
Another awesome experience and wonderful pincushion from Jill. It arrived very quickly, packaged in it's own cute and well protected.......just right for a strawberry:-) Thanks, Jill, for motivating me to return to my earlier days and dig out my embroidery supplies!!

more from Pam...
"I didn't think Jill could please me more but this pincushion is the best so far. So feminine yet functional, a little bit different and so well crafted. The colors are so pleasant and the feel of the pincushion just right! The icing on the cake is the gift of the little strawberry. What a treat! Thanks again Jill. You know I'll be back:-) "

Vicki said,
this is absolutely beautiful -- the stitches are amazing and beautiful. This is definitely one of the most original and incredible pieces that I have ever bought from etsy. Your talents are just amazing -- thank you so much for this piece --- I love it more than I can ever say!


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Hope to see you soon!

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Jennifer Jangles said...

Just discovered your blog through Bevs over at 44th street fabric, I am drooling over those pin cushions!