Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vintage Charm

Perhaps it was my grandma's influence on my life, but I love vintage!

How do you like that vintage tomato and those adorable trims, (above) from SimplyStephy on Etsy
From sweet buttons to feed sack cottons I love them all. When I first saw the 1930's reproduction fabrics in my local quilt shop I gathered as many patterns and colors as I could. They were perfect for my work. They bring back so many fond memories. Now I wasn't quite born in the 30's but my grandma and mom were and they gave me a love for all things bright, simple with that certain "home sweet home" feeling.

Here is my 1930's Apple Pincushion which features sweet red and white 1930's fabrics.

Well, reproductions are nice and all, but there is nothing like a true vintage linen.

Hand crocheted doilies are one of my greatest addictions! I want them all. Having crocheted for a very long time, it's easy to appreciate the many hours it must take to create those little beauties. I use vintage linens in my work whenever possible.
Here a pincushion using a vintage doily-
I recently ordered these from SimplyStephy on Etsy. Oh I just can't wait to dig into these! By the way, she is a dear to work with. I contacted her when I missed out on a few items I saw in her shop. When I went to order them they were gone! My loss, or so I thought. We chatted a bit about what I needed and the very next day she listed these beauties. What a sweetheart. This is why Etsy is my first stop when I'm looking for something unique and wonderful.

You can't have these. They are mine. but take a look at these linens and buttons! Your are just going to have to stop by her shop if you love vintage.

I moved this fall and much to my dismay I left behind a great antique mall. 3 floors of affordable wonderful vintage wonders. Hours would pass as I walked from booth to booth, reminiscing, imagining and soaking up oodles and gobs of nostalgia. I always walked out with a shopping bag filled with linens, aprons, vases and other fun things. I once found this amazing baby quilt there. Its completely hand embroidered!
I'll have to make the hour long drive some day soon. Its a wonderful thing to find lovely vintage items at affordable prices. I sold this quilt as is. I wanted to let a quilter have their way with this beautiful textile. I can only imagine what it could become in the right hands.

I have a wish that some day someone will come across one of my handmade items and feel the same love I feel for the things I discover from the past. I hope they see that I loved what I do. Handmade items always tell a story if you take the time to see what the maker was trying to say. I hope that the joy I feel when I finally finish an embroidered pincushion top. When I fill an order for someone special I always feel as if I reached across many miles and touched someone's heart. That is sincerely what I feel.

I just shipped this item to a lovely lady. She shared with me a part of how she was feeling after some significant losses she had survived. Having had similar experiences, I just knew I had to put a bit extra into her piece. So I added her favorite colors and a few images that meant something special for her. Here is what we came up with-
She was thrilled.
This is a bit of what she said about her pincushion- "Oh, I cannot thank you enough......Really ....... It took my breath away! You even put my little precious Chick-a-Dee in there. What a LABOR OF LOVE! I will NEVER let this out of my sight! The colors were perfect. I could never imagined that it would turn out like this! You created what was is in my heart!.....almost as if you had known me ...ALL My Life!..and you REALLY KNEW MY HEART!"
I just have to cry again thinking of how happy I felt that I took the time to create something unique for someone special.

Now, all of my customers are special and I have to tell you that I wish I could invite them all to coffee one day. It would be a very happy day for me as I love that they appreciate my efforts and that they take time to chat with me about what they want and how they feel. What a job I have!

Well, now that I have gotten all mushy, which I often do. I hope that I have inspired you to go out and find something from the past. Bring it into today. With it you will find something amazing as you combine your talent with someone from many days gone by. I'd like to think that they smile down upon us as we breath new life into their hand work. Can you just imagine how amazing the whole thing is when you think of the big picture!

Its a wonderful world indeed.

I received my order from Simply Stephy today. OH MY! Everything was so beautiful and super exceeded my expectations! Where do I start? The feedsack quarters are amazing. They are brilliant and so inspiring. I just can't wait to play with them. I'm going to have to order more, because I know I will have a hard time cutting into them. You know that feeling. I can't imagine letting them sit because they feel "too precious". They just have to be enjoyed!
Stephanie was so sweet from my initial inquiry to filling my order. She even added a few goodies to the package. I was so happy I was giddy as I dove into my package.
I also ordered some beads from Enchanting Beads. They also came so quickly and the quality was excellant. If you are thinking of toying with making your own beaded pins or do jewelry with flower beads. Give this shop a try. I couldn't be happier!
Heck, it was Christmas around here today. I also received new readers. I've been struggling with my vision and finally decided to spoil myself with some snazzy new glasses. They were all totally cute. I'm really styling today!

Well, I hope you decide to try Etsy, especially some of my favorite shops. I think you will feel happy you did!
Here are a few of my favorite shops-

CheswickCompany- Amazing pincushion and primitive craft supplies, patterns and emery
SimplyStephy- vintage linens, doodads, buttons and supplies.
Cynthia Crane Pottery- fun ceramic platters, mugs, buttons and more. She also has a fun art shop.
Enchanted Beads- Pretty jewelry supplies and beads.
CraftyWoolFelt- felt by the yard, roll, felted balls and other fun crafting items
AGardenOfRoses- fabrics with rose prints in so many colors, styles and shades.
EdgewoodGardenStudio- Beautiful hand dyed wool roving and wool yarns. Really, really beautiful.
ChadQuilt- Lovely silk quilts. Check out her Zibbet store for great deals on silk, dupioni and velvet.
BobbiThisNThat- Great selection of beads of every shape and style.
BabyCricket- Sweet monster slippers and fun booties and such for little adventurers

There are more, but I better get to work! Enjoy!


Bev said...

You are so talented that it's just crazy! Everything you do is gorgeous! I have my pincushion right by me as I type. I look at it many times during the day because I love it so much! Hope your 2014 is amazing! XO and cheery wave from Bev

MadlenaS said...

Джилл, мне очень-очень нравятся твои работы! Вроде бы маленькая подушечка-игольница, но в ней столько твоей души... Спасибо за красоту!

Createology said...

Your work is so beautiful. Creating unique special pieces for someone is the very best joy. Happy New Year Dear and Creative Blessings...

Createology said...

Your work is so beautiful. Creating unique special pieces for someone is the very best joy. Happy New Year Dear and Creative Blessings...

Julie said...

Youve got me crying now! Such a sweet heart you are!!! Gorgeous work! I will check out the Etsy vintage shop! Looks like some really aweosme stuff in there!


Jill, I am simply amazed by your precious creations! I love them all! And I really appreciate the Etsy links (thanks for adding mine!) because I've been looking for vintage linens, too. I recently purchased a lovely feedsack from Etsy seller LoveTheGiver that I plan to make into dishtowels. Its a lovely mint green and I'll send you the scraps!

Think Bowtique said...

Love, Love, Love your 1930's apple pincushion.

Unknown said...

Hey I just came across your blog! Looks like you have some fun stuff going on! I live the vintage stuff too! This summer at a yard sale I found a large bin full of vintage print fabric,doilies,lace,buttons and all that kind of stuff! I was so excited I let out a little squeal! The woman next to me thought I was nuts. My mom laughed and the elderly woman who was selling it gave me a kiss on the cheek and brought me inside where she had tons more! I was in heaven!