Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you the very best, the very happiest...

I wish you...

Fearless... giggle inducing... that tingle in your soul kind of creativity.
I know it is inside you as much as I feel it inside myself.
Let it thrive, grow and become who you are as an artist and a creator.

This is the year we make that masterpiece...the best thing we ever made... the most original, wonderful thing that came from

This is the year we put our inner fire front and center in our lives!
I know the dishes need to be done and we probably should start the laundry, but FIRST, lets begin working on that idea you had yesterday.

You know, the one you had in the shower, when you didn't have a pen or pencil to write it down. Did you let that idea go? Did you write over it with a grocery list? Its time to keep those ideas burning in your heart until they grow and become more complex, more real.

This is the year we turn ideas into

This is the year we stop making excuses and put ourselves a little higher, no, on top of the priority list for a change!
I admit, I think I am the most selfish person in my life. I fought hard to create little pretty things even when there semed to be little suppport from others. It took a few financial crisises to realize that my pretty little things actually purchased groceries and paid a few bills. Others may not understand what drives you to sew, to paint, to create. That doesn't matter. The only person that counts is You.
You will find that if you are loved, those who care for you will begin to see now deeply the need to create lives in you. If you are as lucky as I am perhaps they may even build you shelves for your fabric stash. (It feels so good to know I don't have to hide it anymore!) It was worth the fight.

Give yourself permission to leave your own unique mark on the beautiful canvas we know as .....
After all, isn't our life our best and most precious creation?

This is the year we stop pinning and start getting pinned! You know what I mean.
While I love to be inspired by other's creativity, I feel its more important to
So when it comes to Pinterest you may have to set a timer on your computer time. After an hour, turn off the computer and begin your own project.
Gather pins that inspire your work.

Do yourself a big favor. While you are pinning a great tutorial, click on the artists blog or website. Go ahead and copy the template or pattern right away and file it away where you can find it. You won't have to spend the time later to find the project again and then look for the pattern. For every hour you spend searching, you could be spending that time stitching. I think I've eaten away enough hours on Pinterest to actually sew that quilt I dream of making. So when it comes to Pinterest...

Pin with it...plan it....produce it.

For heavens sake, its not about how many pins you collect or how big your boards are. Its about the way one person inspires another. Its about devouring all of those beautiful little images, allowing them to swim around amongst your own ideas and allowing the whole darn beautiful mess to spill out and become your wonderful work.

So stop pinning and

Most Importantly. please get out of your own way. You do deserve to spend your time on things you love.
Push yourself away from the computer and place yourself in front of your fabric stash. Now there is an inspiring place to dream.
Be your own best cheerleader. Stop your negative talk and infuse your inner thoughts with a lot of "atta girl! or great try! or you did it!"
Remember its all a journey... a process... an opportunity to learn something new! There are no failures in creative play. Its plain and simple..don't forget to

I feel incredibly blessed to have you all stop by and read my blog. I love feeling connected to people like myself. Whether you leave a comment or just stop by to see what I'm up to...I just feel honored to have been a part of something bigger than myself.

So, please stop on back! I have big plans for this year, starting with my giveaway that starts on Jan 22nd.
See you soon!


Julie said...

This is just what I needed to hear! I hope to heed the advice, for sure! Thanks for all your inspiration. You will be happy to know I am trying to knit a 7x9 rectangle for Warm Up America. I am trying very hard to not only complete this but to do it without one dropped stitch!!! LOL.

ANA REGINA said...

Vim te desejar um Ano de muita criatividade, amizades e carinho!
Muita sa├║de e paz!
Feliz 2014!
Bjnhs no ♥


What a great post Jill! And a perfect reminder of how grateful I am to be able to create my art full time and to be inspired by fellow artists like you. Love and blessings in the New Year dear friend!

Theresa said...

Hey Jill, dropping by to wish you a happy new year! Love all the pretty things in your shop right now. Theresa @DearCreatives

Createology said...

What a wonderful post you have written! Cheerleading us on to greatness!! Thank you. Happy New Year Dear and Creative Blessings...