Sunday, February 24, 2013

My February CQJP Challenge Block

I must have spring fever because lately I am drawn to bold, bright, brilliant color. Fun fuchsia, citrus lime, sunny yellow, oh my! I can't get enough!
I created this block late last month. This was a hard one to let go, but it went to Robin's pincushion collection. Its in a great home!

I had so much fun with this block. I was actually working on two blocks simultaneously. I often have a few things going at once. I think helps me to keep an open mind to change and possibility.
Because these blocks are so small, its no problem to cut a variety of fabrics out just to see how they work. I bring out my box of trims and vintage textiles. I drag out my button bags, my bead stash and my embroidery flosses and even a bit of jewelery.

The hardest thing about crazy quilting is that the design potential is endless. Add color, print, textiles, embroidery stitches and it gets to feel overwhelming.
A good place to start is with a simple beginning and an open mind.

Here is a crazy quilt pear I created for Susan. Another collector of mine who, like Robin and others, make this business of creating a joyful one.
As you can see, more is best and usually the only thing that stops me from adding more things is that I run out of room!

I hope you give crazy quilting a try. If you love to embroidery, this is a great project. All the little spaces and seams give you a chance to try out some new stitches. You don't need a lot of goodies. I've seen some beautiful blocks with only a few buttons or trims. The idea is to let your imagination play.
I think the prettiest blocks stay in one color family whether the fabrics are solid or printed. If you can set one limit, the task is a bit less daunting.

Above all else, remember that its supposed to be fun. Your only real job is to nurture your creative spirit and let it soar.


Bev said...

I love bright colors! I really love just everything you do! Beautiful!
Cheery wave!

liniecat said...

Your style is delightful and both pear and your crazy block are wonderful!

Gayle said...

So many stitches - I could look at your work for hours and still find something new! Love it!

Acorn to Oak said...

So pretty! I especially like the little square one. The colors and all the details and trims you made it with are perfect! What a wonderful addition to her collection.

Susan Hook said...

Just so pretty and fantastic, I love all of your work, what an inspiration you are to us all!

Createology said...

Your CQ is wonderful and cheerful. Lovely pear with so much character. Sunshine Smiles...

margaret said...

wonderful, both the heart and your pears

By Neymes said...