Saturday, May 19, 2012


I love hummingbirds. Every year they pass through our part of the country. They fly through now on the way to their breeding grounds, and come back again in late summer to head for warmer climates. They are so quick, yet so incredibly beautiful. Its hard not to be mesmerized by their quickness and agility. They have been few and far between for my little feeder, but I had the pleasure of watching a number of these pretty little flyers by my brother's wooded back yard.

I found this simple yet elegant home dec fabric while shopping last week. I knew it would be the perfect back drop for something beautiful. Seeing that I had hummingbirds on my mind, I decided to create a little homage to them. I used a combination of perle cotton, which is my fiber of choice for most projects. But this image needed a delicate touch, so I added a variety of colors of cotton floss. most of my stitches are wrapped back stitches. I like the raised look of the lines this stitch creates. I also used satin stitches and a few french knots here and there. To create a soft transition from one color to the next, alter short and long stitches. Bring your needle up half-way through the first stiches and then draw the floss down past the first stitches. Take your time and study your original photo. Watch for subtle color changes, shadows and highlights. Don't forget to play and enjoy the process of watching your work come to life!

I don't use patterns, although I would like to create patterns to share. I find that adding an original touch to my stitching offers a lot of new challenges. It helps me to stay fresh and spontaneous. For this design, I drew some hummingbirds from a magazine. The hardest part for me is getting the size right. I don't want to over power the fabric design. I want to enhance it and give each piece a natural flow. Once I have the right image in the size I like, I cut out my drawing and lay it onto the fabric. If the size and shape are right, I use light pencil lines to trace the outline of my image. I keep the marks very light. You can erase lines from some fabrics, but it doesn't always come off completely. Once everything looks right, I like to take a sewing needle and a single thread and stitch around my image. If the pencil wears off, I still have my basting threads to guide my design.

The next time you are in awe of something amazing, I urge you to add that wonder to your work. I think you will find that the magic of that special something adds a touch of magic to your creations.

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